They showed the “corner of the late Rashist” (photo)

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They showed the "corner of the deceased Rashist" (photo)

The network showed footage from the place of “chestvovaniya” dead people, Donetsk public reports.

On the footage – a festively decorated bed, fenced off like a cemetery. Flags and a photo, apparently, of the deceased from the team.

They showed "the corner of the deceased Rashist&quot ; (photo)

" I have never seen such jokes. The new “dead corner”, which is arranged in the area on the site of the former residence for their single-minded people, says the message.

In the comments, some wrote that similar “dead corners” – a fairly common practice, even since Soviet times.

"Well, in general, we also had such a thing, I served in 3027, there were guys who died from a grenade explosion near the VR, they also had such things there corners”, – wrote one of the users of social networks.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovych