They said to the EU if he speaks to Russia

They said to the EU if he speaks to Russia

The EU said, if you speak to Russia

Head of the European Political Service Union Josep Borrell naming the mind, for which Europe can turn to dialogue with the Russian Federation.

About the document, in which Borel analyzes the injection of EU sanctions on the Russian economy and the geopolitical situation, he told “Radio Liberty“.

“What matters to Europe, we still need to be criticized for dialogue with Russia for the mind, that it will be inspired by its imperial claims and respect the integrity of all powers, the power of Ukraine”, – said a European official.

Commenting on the depletion of the European Union in Russian energy resources, Borrell noted that Europe showed a willingness to take action and risk in proportion to the scale

". #8220;Of course, detoxification in the Russian energy industry cannot be painless for some countries and sectors. І tse loudly vplinulo on spozhivchi tsіni. However, roses are irrevocable. Such a spirit is more important and proper, which supports our climate ambitions. The bulk of the thought does not accept the desired turnaround after the end of the war”, – saying.