They reveal Yerry Mina's confrontation with an Everton teammate

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During the 'Toffees' fight to avoid relegation last season, the Colombian got into a fight with one of his teammates

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They reveal Yerry Mina's confrontation with an Everton-mate

Yerry Mina disputes a ball with Kai Havertz of Chelsea, in his first and only game of the season with Everton. The Colombian had to leave the field due to a problem in his ankle, which was later found to be a torn ligament. Photo: REUTERS/Toby Melville

Everton's 2021-22 season was one of the club's most complex in recent history. After the traumatic departure of James Rodríguez at the beginning of the season due to the fact that he was not taken into account by the coach Rafa Benitez, the Spaniard could not get the best out of the Toffee team, being fired mid-season and leaving him seriously compromised in the fight for relegation. The arrival of Frank Lampard on the bench managed to reverse the situation enough to stay in the category, despite the fact that the performance of several players remained questionable.

Yerry MinaHe was one of those players, the Colombian suffered several injuries that prevented him from playing with the desired continuity during this complicated season. Between the questions to the general performance of the team and the fight not to descend, it is logical that the tensions were on the surface. This Friday, The Athletic newspaper revealed some revelations made by midfielder Demarai Gray about the conflicts between Everton players during this complicated period:

“We fought a lot with each other towards the end of the season. It never got to the physical point because the players would have intervened before that. They were just discussions of voices and facing each other. Seamus Coleman was the peacemaker, a charming guy but tells it like it is. On the other hand, don't mess with Yerry Mina”

One ​​of these disputes involved Mina himself and striker Anthony Gordon, one of the youths trained in the club's youth academy, during training :

“I remember once Yerry Mina said something to Anthony Gordon. You see how Anthony plays, he is playful, so he went to complain about a play during practice and I had to separate him on the field. Now we laugh about it”

Fortunately for Everton, the season had a happy ending as they managed three wins in their last five games and stayed in the top flight of English football.They are currently in 12th place with 14 points, displaying a performance that could certainly be improved (they have received 12 goals in 11 games played so far this season) but definitely much better than last season.

On the other hand, Yerry Mina seems to have recovered satisfactorily from his ankle ligament injury, which caused him to miss practically the entire first round. In the first game of the season against Chelsea he had to leave the field, which left the Toffees without one of their best defensive players.

This Saturday at 12:30 p.m. They will host Leicester City at Goodison Park, which is struggling to get out of the relegation places, while Everton will seek to consolidate a positive dynamic. At the moment it is not known if Lampard will have Mina from the start or if he will choose to take him progressively, but it seems clear that his character is needed in a team that seeks to get out of the mediocrity of the middle of the table. /p>