They request the COD and MIDEREC to intervene Fencing Federation

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  • The COD and MIDEREC are asked to intervene Fencing Federation

    Gilberto Soriano, Gleni Samuel Valdez and Jonathan Suero Quezada, along with young athletes who practice fencing, during the press conference held this Tuesday. 

Directors of the Fencing Associations of the National District and San Pedro de Macori ;s asked the Committee Olimpico Dominicano that intervene to the Committee; Executive of the Fencing Federation. 

They denounced that members of the current Committee Executive of said Federation, chaired by  Luis Ciprián Saro and integrated by the secretary general Aristóteles Newman Marchena and the treasurer Carlos Indalecio Almonte, have incurred in alleged irregularities during the exercise of their functions, which have degenerated into embezzlement. ;

During a crowded press conference held yesterday at a restaurant in the capital, Gilberto Soriano, president of the Fencing Association of the National District, and Glenni Samuel Valdez, who chairs the Association of San Pedro de Macorís, made a vehement call to the Committee Olímpico Dominicano (COD),  and the Ministry of Sports,  to “immediately intervene Fedomes, so that those who currently run it do not continue to deepen the moral, technical, and administrative crisis that shelters such an important entity”. 

Soriano, a former member of the national fencing team, together with Samuel, explained that since his arrival at the Committee; Executive of said Federation, Ciprián Saro, Newman Marchena, and Indalecio Almonte, have refused to summon the competent entities of the entity, to render the financial report and to make known the plans and projects that are being developed, in a diaphanous and transparent manner. 

Also former member of the national team, Jonathan Suero Quezada, in his capacity as treasurer of the Fencing Association of the National District. 

“Today we know the reality why these gentlemen have refused to convene the Ordinary General Assembly to render the financial reports and the annual strategic planning, and that is that what has happened, what What we have denounced through the complaint filed with the Attorney General's Office of the Dominican Republic and the District Attorney's Office on October 18 of this year, evidences a series of irregularities, which they will have to explain before justice, the sports movement and the country” both leaders pointed out. 

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