They reject barter on collapsed building grounds

September 15, 2021 by archyde

SURFSIDE, Florida, U.S. (AP) – Surfside, Florida, councilors have rejected a proposal to hand over a public beach to the prospective buyer of the land where the residential building that collapsed in June stood to erect a monument in memory of the 98 victims of the accident.

On Tuesday, relatives and neighbors of those killed in the collapse of the Champlain Towers South apartment building on June 24 gathered at the council offices, and an additional room had to be set up, the Miami Herald reported.

After an hour of public interventions, councilors told the victims’ families that they would not approve a proposal to demolish the Surfside community center to build a new one along with a monument at the site of the collapse. They also said that they would not put the land swap proposal to a vote in a referendum.

“I feel it in my heart because I know you were hopeful about this,” said Mayor Charles Burkett, who was the only one who supported the proposal. “I hope they don’t give up that hope.”

Councilor Eliana Salzhauer said on social media that the city “will NOT allow this tragedy to be exploited for profit and spell the end of the invaluable Siurfside community center and the quality of life for our neighbors.”

Excited relatives interrupted the deliberations several times, the newspaper reported. A man yelled, “Let the people vote!”

The council agreed to study the possibility of erecting a monument, either on a strip of land where part of the building fell or elsewhere.

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Natasha Kumar

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