They met this Sunday at the Techo stadium, on the first date of the League. 

They met this Sunday at the Techo stadium, on the first date of the League. 

If Alfredo Arias needed a real demonstration of what Santa Fe is, everything was revealed in its premiere, with a heart-stopping game, with a probable victory , of defeat possible. And in the end, an agonizing 2-2 draw against La Equidad.

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Arias' debut with the Cardinals was strange. It could have been all happiness, he had the three points in the suitcase, he could also have left empty-handed, and yet his team did not give in and saved the tie with pure heart.

Great goal from Neyder

First it was Neyder Moreno who painted the Techo stadium with a stroke of genius. He scored a mid-range goal, a fiery shoe to beat goalkeeper Sergio Román, and to make the Cardinal fans celebrate, and give a dose of tranquility to the new DT.

Santa Fe did not vary much in names compared to the previous League, including defender José Aja as a novelty in the starting lineup. What has changed or is trying to change is aggressiveness, that idea of ​​wanting to go to the front until the end, which has been the battle phrase of the new coach. The intention was there, but since the rival was La Equidad, he could not elaborate. The cardinal game was interrupted by an opponent who knows how to interrupt and attack.

Equity, it is known, appeals to order. It is a team that gets anyone in trouble. And at 8 minutes he announced to Alfredo Arias that this was going to be a harrowing premiere. Lima took a low shot that goalkeeper Castellanos managed to get around, who a minute later made a bail to save his goal again.

In the first part, Santa Fe paved the way with his long-distance shots. That seems to be a hallmark of this team. Matías Mier had his missile that burned the goalkeeper's hands, which rebounded. Morelo could not complete the play. That shot, and a goal disallowed by Morelo for being out of place, on a still ball, was all cardinal in those 45 minutes.

Goals and emotions

They met this Sunday at the Techo stadium, on the first date of the League. 

But the initial tension passed, the nerves of the debut, of having a new DT on the line. The cardinal team loosened up, released pressure. And in just two minutes of the final part, Moreno lit up. what a right hand What precision. What power. He received the ball and since he had already detected the goalkeeper far from his goal, he sent the ball up, to the higher angle, to the most difficult, and it was 0-1.

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Then all tension subsided. It seemed. The rest was to control, manage the advantage. And in a quick play, Mier and Morelo wreaked havoc, hand in Agrón's area. Penalty. Morelo, the usual scorer, kicked hard to the center, and there was the goalkeeper Román to avoid the goal, and on the rebound Mier was left with the goal in front, but with the right, and the left-hander did not know what to do , if they played in Techo, he pointed to El Campín.

And Arias couldn't believe how suddenly everything was turning around for him, because in the next play, La Equidad tied him, through Kevin Salazar, through a pass from Lima, 1-1.

And not to believe it, at 79, La Equidad, who detected that if he attacked from his right he would burn, launched another offensive, a pass behind Polanco and a great goal from Lima, 2-1.

Santa Fe seemed disconcerted, everything worked for a good debut, was spoiled on the field. But the lion, if he has something, is that he does not forget to fight until the end. And in discount time. Mier took a flawless free kick, took power and added accuracy. great goal It was 2-2.

Arias made his debut with Santa Fe and it was already clear to him, in case he didn't know, that in this club there is anguish, there is suffering, but there is also something called claw.

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