They met this Saturday in the match for the first title of the season. 

They met this Saturday in the match for the first title of the season. 

Luis Díaz celebrated this Saturday his first title of the English season, the Community Shield, in Liverpool's victory against Manchester City.

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Liverpool, with the Colombian starting and with action for 89 minutes, won 3-1 in a vibrant match.

They met this Saturday in the match for the first title of the season. 

The centenary edition of the Community Shield, the English Super Cup, crowned Liverpool champions this Saturday for the sixteenth time and sixteen years later , more resolute and practical than Manchester City, whom they defeated by a decisive penalty avoided live, indicated through VAR, transformed by Mohamed Salah and provoked by Darwin Núñez, who also sentenced the clash in added time with the final 1-3.

Substitute starter, the impact of the Uruguayan scorer is already notorious in Jurgen Klopp's team, who put him on the line in the 59th minute, replacing Roberto Firmino. Then he missed an opportunity against Ederson, but in the final stretch he took a penalty from a header that was going nowhere except for the hand of Ruben Dias and clinched the 1-3 with which his team took over the first title of the season.

He relaunched his team, just when he felt the victory more in suspense, having just tied the duel by Julián Álvarez. It was not Erling Haaland, disappointing compared to his usual offensive dimension (he even missed an option with everything in his favor in the final moments, between his gesture of frustration), but the Argentine striker, debutant in Pep Guardiola's team, the City's only scorer, defeated because he didn't read the beginning of the game correctly, because later he didn't really take advantage of his moment in the game, without efficiency in attack, and because, when he equalized, he stopped himself. It went no further.

Frenzy game

They met this Saturday in the match for the first title of the season. 

Liverpool understood the starting point better. His staging was more effective. He did not need the ball as much, as City wanted, but he verticalized it with the skill that players of the level, precision and overflow of Mohamed Salah imply. The midfield was practically a fleeting step in the transition of Klopp's team, which broke the left profile of the rival defense with bursts.

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To Joao Cancelo and Nathan Ake. In three minutes, Salah had already intervened three times around Ederson's area, between City's difficulty in giving speed to his inalienable possession. He needed that indispensable plus when crossing the midfield. Haaland disjointed, Bernardo Silva too far, Jack Grealish insubstantial, Mahrez missing, De Bruyne intermittent, neither thought nor executed then in attack with the skill he usually does.

A problem that he solved at times, after 0-1 against, when he did create enough to draw. Because Liverpool was already better when Robertson hit a header, in the 13th minute.

Also when the other winger, Alexander-Arnold, expressed one of his various offensive qualities with impudence, but also with fortune: the shot he launched first from the edge of the area with the inside of his right foot, after a play that was a side to side until Salah's drop, it looked good, but not as good as the final deflection of Aké's head. It was 0-1. Minute 21. A predictable blow for City, unrecognizable until then.

The goal woke him up. Inexpressive until then, he rediscovered the overflow, relaunched his ambition and Pep Guardiola's group rearmed with conviction, which, moment by moment, meter by meter, pushed Liverpool back for a while, a caricature of what it had been before, survivor at the break because Haaland wasn't nearly as effective as usual. Nor Mahrez.

They met this Saturday in the match for the first title of the season. 

Darwin Núñez was waiting on the Liverpool bench. After half an hour, the Uruguayan already warmed up. He still had to wait to enter the game until the 57th minute. He then had the 0-2 in the face-to-face duel against Ederson, a desperate savior in his exit against the Uruguayan attacker, who awaited a decisive role. On the other side, moments before, Julián Álvarez entered.

The Argentine made his debut with Manchester City in the recomposition of Guardiola in the attack (he kept Haaland and replaced Grealish and Mahrez with Foden and Julián Álvarez), when the inertia with which he ended the first half stopped after a new chance from Mahrez . Julián Álvarez took advantage of his opportunity.

In his first opportunity, in a rejection, when Adrián failed to catch neither the first nor the second in his fight with Foden, when City least deserved the 1-1, he got it. The referee did not understand that there was a foul by Foden on Adrián, even though the goalkeeper, who had been one of Liverpool's best until then, claimed it, until the match replaced the tie a little over a quarter of an hour from the end, when less was intuited, when Klopp observed the duel more controlled and when Manchester City already felt capable of everything.

A mistake. A mirage. In the 81st minute, Darwin Nuñez's header went wide, but Ruben Dias's hand was on its way. Taken off, the referee did not see it at first. Yes later, when he resorted to VAR to point out a clear maximum penalty. He scored the penalty. Salah converted it with his left, low, out of Ederson's reach. Already definitive for the title, sentenced with 1-3 by Darwin Núñez, already indispensable in Liverpool.

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