They met this Monday in Barranquilla. 

They met this Monday in Barranquilla. 

The Colombian basketball team battled yesterday in Barranquilla against the powerful United States, but could not achieve the feat they expected. The Americans won 77-95 in a group F match for the 2023 World Cup qualifier, which will be played in the Philippines, Japan and Indonesia.

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From the outset, a wide difference was seen in the Elías Chegwin Coliseum, where the United States imposed its rhythm and looked superior, winning 10-19. It was a wake-up call for Colombia, under the technical direction of Guillermo Moreno, to tighten the screws for the next quarter.

A lot of anxiety

They met this Monday in Barranquilla. 

At times it seemed that the rival was not invincible, that he could be matched and even think about shortening distances. But the anxiety weighed heavily, on offense, but also on defense, where many triples were allowed.

“All the shots went in. We needed more game together,” Brian Angola told Win Sports.< br>
In the end it was a big defeat, which hurts, but the team fought back and showed that growth continues. This same team came from surprisingly beating Mexico, and as a visitor.

The next challenge for the Colombian national team will be in November, when a new window will open and he will have to visit Puerto Rico, to later go to the United States. In the last window they will face Mexico, at home, and Puerto Rico, also at home.

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For now, Colombia is in last place in the group, with 10 points. The first three advance to the World Cup, while one of the best fourth of the two zones will also get the quota.

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