They investigate a possible case of Ebola in the United Kingdom

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Colchester hospital patient develops suspicious symptoms after trip to Africa

Possible Ebola case investigated in UK

File photo: An Ebola propaganda van drives through Kampala, Uganda (REUTERS/Abubaker Lubowa)

UK health authorities are investigating a possible case of Ebola in the town of Colchester, Essex county.According to local press reports, a sector of a hospital in this town was closed on Wednesday night due to an “infection control problem”.

Reports indicate that a patient from Colchester hospital has suspected Ebola symptoms after returning to the UK from Africa, where a strain of the deadly virus is circulating in Uganda and has caused 141 cases and 55 deaths since 20 September .

The British newspaper The TelegraphHe stated that officials from the United Kingdom Health Security Agency (UKHSA) are testing the hospitalized as part of the routine infection control protocol that is activated when suspicious cases arise in travelers. p>

The UKHSA last month appealed to all doctors in the nation to be on “high alert”to patients who showed signs of the virus and to stock up on personal protective equipment, although he stated that the risk to the population was “very low”.

Investigating possible case of Ebola in the UK

File photo: A volunteer receives an experimental Ebola vaccine in Oxford, southern England (REUTERS/Eddie Keogh)

Discovered in 1976 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) -then called Zaire-, Ebola is a serious, often fatal disease that affects humans and primates and is transmitted by direct contact with the blood and bodily fluids of people or infected animals.


The virus ravaged several West African countries from 2014 to 2016, when 11,300 people died and there were more than 28,500 cases.

< b>There has never been a case of Ebola contracted in the UK, but in 2014 two patients who contracted the virus in West Africa were treated there. Both recovered in units specialized in infectious diseases. This would be the first case in the United Kingdom of the new Sudanese strain of the virus, for which there is no approved vaccine.

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