They had said the singer was 'devastated'. That's why she surprised everyone with her reaction.

They had said the singer was 'devastated'. That's why she surprised everyone with her reaction.

Gerard Piqué unleashed a whole wave of controversy by being seen in public with the woman who would be his new girlfriend, Clara Chía Marti.

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​​The images of an alleged kiss between her and her went around the world and turned their eyes on Shakira, who has not spoken since the announcement of the separation.

After the paparazzi Jordi Martin said that the woman from Barranquilla “is devastated”, they saw her driving in her car.

And, in addition , they asked him how he felt after the controversial photos.

His reaction surprised all his followers.

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Shakira, 'devastated'?

They had said that the singer was 'devastated'. That's why she surprised everyone with her reaction.

This Tuesday the first images of Shakira were revealed after Piqué's kiss with her supposed new girlfriend.

In them she is seen with her two children, Milan and Sasha.

In the opinion of Jordi Martin, who took the photos, Shakira is “sadder and more desolate than ever”, as he said on his Instagram account.

“I felt Shakira worse than ever. I've covered the whole time of the breakup and this is the worst time I've seen her. She's downcast”< /i>, he added on Spanish television.

In fact, according to a quote from 'TN', Martin revealed the only favor the singer asked of him.

“He only asked me not to ask him questions in front of the children and obviously it did not even cross my mind to do so. It was not easy for me to take these images. From here, courage that you will get out of this”, reports the medium in question.

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“Piqué is hurting him, a lot, a lot of damage,” Martin concluded in his latest report.

Now, it was Shakira's turn to express herself, who without speaking he made it very clear how he is doing.

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