They gave me a watermelon!: how Oleksandr Pedan traveled to liberated Kherson

"I was given a watermelon!": how Oleksandr Pedan traveled to liberated KhersonThe host of the Improv Live Show project (New Channel) spoke about the humanitarian aid he brought to the de-occupied city and about communication with the people of Kherson

“Kherson is Ukraine!” was on the minds of all Ukrainians during the eight months of occupation of our city on the shores of the Sea of ​​Azov. And on November 11, he was finally released! In the first days after that, the President of Ukraine visited there, and now volunteers actively travel to Kherson. The host of the New Channel and public figure Oleksandr Pedan also visited the city.

– After the liberation of Kherson, I immediately wanted to go there. Traditionally, to support our military and civilian population. Finally, an opportunity arose. I went with the Khmelnytskyi OVA, with the “Protect Khmelnytskyi” Foundation, – says Pedan. – We brought about ten cars with food. Of them, there are six heavy-duty trucks. I was amazed at how much the people of Kherson were waiting for Ukraine to return to the city. And the number of people with flags on the square who approached, greeted us, thanked us for coming, even shocked us a little. And I was also impressed by the children, who at first were afraid to look into each other's eyes, but after half a minute of conversation, they couldn't hold back and rushed to hug. 

« They gave me a watermelon!»: how Oleksandr Pedan traveled to liberated Kherson

«They gave me a watermelon!»: how Oleksandr Pedan traveled to liberated Kherson

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In addition to Oleksandr, other Ukrainian celebrities also came to Kherson, liberated from the occupiers.

– I met many of my friends and acquaintances on the central square. In particular, Kolya Sergu and Oleksandr Yarmak, who gave concerts under the open sky for two days in a row and talked with the public, shares the host of the Improv Live Show project, which is broadcast on the New Channel's YouTube. – And there were already representatives of my friendly “Dobrobat”, which restores damaged buildings in the Kyiv, Chernihiv, and Kharkiv regions, and now they have reached Kherson. 

Aleksandr Pedan admitted that the greatest gift for him was the attention of people. And one more thing…

– “Dobrobativtsi” gave me a watermelon! Finding it in winter is not so easy. It was a great joy! – he says with delight. – I promised my son that I would bring a watermelon, but I did not expect that I would fulfill my promise. And so it happened that dad does not throw his words to the wind. Marik was delighted!

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