They filed a second complaint in Argentina against Daniel Ortega for crimes against humanity

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The complaint was filed by the Inter-American Legal Assistance Center for Human Rights, and the document targets the couple and a group of high-ranking Nicaraguan officials< /h2>

A second complaint was filed in Argentina against Daniel Ortega for crimes against humanity

The dictator Daniel Ortega and his wife Rosario Murillo

Daniel Ortega, his wife Rosario Murilloand a group of high-ranking Nicaraguan officials were denounced for crimes against humanity in Argentina. The complaint, filed before the National Criminal and Correctional Court number four of the Judiciary with headquarters in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, is the second filed in the country in a month.

In this second complaint, the complaint was filed by the Inter-American Legal Assistance Center for Human Rights (CALIDH), and the document was presented by its executive secretary, Danny Ramírez-Ayérdiz.

< p class="paragraph">The events are circumscribed in the context of the social protests of 2018, according to La Prensa, and the complaint also points against the chief of Police, first commissioner Francisco Diaz; Commissioner Ramón Avellán; and the presidential advisers Néstor Moncada Lau and Sonia Castro, former Minister of Health.

Also the secretary general of the Mayor's Office of Managua ,Fidel Moreno; the president of the National Council of Universities (CNU) Ramona Rodríguez; and the president of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ), the magistrate Alba Luz Ramos.

“CALIDH considers that these officials are responsible for planning, directing and executing various conducts sanctioned by the crime against humanity established in Article 7 of the Rome Statute, within the framework of systematic and widespread attacks against the civilian population, since they committed the crimes of murder, extermination, torture, rape and other forms of sexual violence, forced disappearance of people among others”, says the statement.

On Wednesday, October 5, the Argentine Justice initiated a criminal investigation against the dictator Daniel Ortega and other authorities of the Nicaraguan regime to determine if they committed crimes against humanity. The federal judge Ariel Lijoordered to send an exhortation to the Justice of that country to inform if there are open cases where extrajudicial executions, illegal detentions, forced disappearance of people, or torture are investigated.

They filed a second complaint in Argentina against Daniel Ortega for crimes against humanity

The second complaint

The case began with the first complaint, filed by the lawyers Darío Richarte and Diego Pirota against the dictator Ortega, his partner Rosario Murillo, and all those officials who make up the repressive apparatus that persecuted political dissidents, especially since April 2018.

At the time of promoting the investigation, the prosecutor Eduardo Taiano explained that the Argentine federal justice is empowered to investigate these crimes based on article 118 of the Constitution, which recognizes the principle of universal jurisdiction, and the international commitments assumed by our country that “establish the duty to domestic courts to investigate on behalf of the international community regardless of where they have arisen (according to the sixth paragraph of the preamble to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court).”

Taiano also stressed that the International Criminal Court would not be able to judge possible crimes against humanity in Nicaragua because that country had not ratified the Rome Statute.

Argentine federal justice has already investigated other complaints for crimes against humanity that occurred outside the country. The complaint mentions the legal cases for the persecution of practitioners of the “Falun Gong” discipline in China, the crimes of Francoism in Spain, and the genocide denounced by the Rohingya people in Myanmar.

The first complaint, prompted by a note published in Infobae on the situation of Nicaraguan bishop Rolando Álvarez, held by the Ortega regime, targets the president of Nicaragua, his deputy, but also mentions other officials.

The other defendants are:

Francisco Díaz Madriz. He is the father-in-law of Mauricio Ortega, son of the presidential couple and, in addition, current head of the National Police.

Nestor Moncada Lau. He officially acts as a private adviser to President Daniel Ortega, but would also be responsible for intelligence and counterintelligence operations to identify “dissidents.”

Julio Cesar Aviles Castillo. He holds the position of head of the Nicaraguan Army and is designated as responsible for providing weapons to the paramilitary groups that carried out the “cleansing operation”.

–< b> Oscar Mojica.He is a retired General of the Nicaraguan Army and holds the position of Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure.

Gustavo Eduardo Porras Cortés. He serves as president of the National Assembly of the Republic and is credited with controlling the unions and organizing massive mobilizations, including doctors and workers, who cooperated in the “recovery” of the streets after the April 2018 protests.

Robert Lopez. he is director of the Nicaraguan Institute of Social Security. He is credited with collaborating with Porras Cortés in organizing the repression of the April 2018 demonstrations.

Oscar Valladares . He is a presidential adviser on defense and security issues, and is also part of the planning of repressive actions.

Sonia Castro. He acted as Minister of Health until July 26, 2019 and was responsible for giving the order not to treat people injured as a result of their participation in the popular mobilizations in hospitals. She is also blamed for the dismissal of health professionals “accused” of ignoring the order not to attend.

Leonardo Ovidio Reyes Ramírez. He is the president of the Central Bank of Nicaragua and acts as a financing instrument for the Ortega-Murillo family and criminal operations.