“They exploited the misery of a disillusioned youngster to reach a…”

September 12, 2021 by archyde
Sonko-Adji Sarr case: “They exploited the misery of a disillusioned youngster to reach a …”

The case of the young masseuse Adji Sarr against the leader of Pastef / The Patriots, Ousmane Sonko is far from being forgotten. As proof, the mayor of Mermoz-Sacré-Coeur spoke about it this September 12 on Iradio in the Sunday Jury program.

Denouncing the “actions” of the regime of Macky Sall, Barthélemy Dias declared that accusing “Sonko of rapist is mean”. “It is a regime, a system that was organized to liquidate Ousmane Sonko. They exploited the misery of a young, idle, disillusioned man to reach a politician who, today, is one of the most serious presidential candidates against Macky Sall, “he said.

Author: Awa FAYE – Seneweb.com

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