They dug a 200-meter tunnel to rob a vault in Chile but it didn't go as planned

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Security cameras alerted police who arrived at the scene during a looting of a security company. Seven criminals were arrested

They dug a 200 meter tunnel to rob a vault in Chile but it didn't turn out as planned


Cristián Torresfrom Santiago, Chile

They dug a 200-meter tunnel to rob a vault in Chile but it did not go as planned

A part of the tunnel discovered by the police in Police from Chile. (Image source: Carabineros)

A group of criminals dug a tunnel to steal a vault full of money in Chile. But the plan was frustrated by the police who arrested the entire gang.

The unusual case occurred in the town of Villa Alemana, 115 kilometers from Santiago. In this place, a criminal gang entered a vault belonging to the protection and security company Brinks, which was storing money.

Rodrigo Ortiz, colonel of the Carabineros police, provided more details about it and explained that “a 200 meter long tunnel was detected, which goes from a private house to the Brinks company. A total of seven people were arrested, all of them adults, with extensive police records and those who registered an address in the city of Santiago.”

Everything was revealed when the surveillance cameras of one of the vaults discovered the presence of three men who were stealing bags full of money.

This caused the police to go to the place and surprise these criminals. They were arrested for the crime of robbery and it was verified that they maintained a sophisticated communication system made up of radio communicators and cell phones.

Extensive persecution

In parallel, the operation spread around the site of the event to find the whereabouts of the rest of the criminals. In this way, a van was discovered that would be used for the gang's escape.

However, the car and its occupants quickly escaped from the place, which led to the pursuit on the route to the city of Viña del Mar. As a way of disrupting police action, the criminals launched “miguelitos”, a handmade accessory made with nails to damage the tires of patrol cars.

It all ended when the driver of the car lost control and crashed into a barrier. Four other individuals were arrested here and ski masks and “miguelitos” were seized.

A total of 7 criminals between the ages of 24 and 55 were arrested, and six of them had previous criminal records.

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