They don't talk about it out loud: what is menopause

They don't talk about it out loud: what is menopause

Natural changes in the body occur in every woman – how easier it is to transfer them

They don't talk about it out loud: what is menopause

Sometimes some topics of women's health are taboo in society. The names of natural processes are often replaced with other phrases, and mentioning in a conversation can provoke misunderstandings, sometimes even condemnation. Menopause is a normal state of a woman's body and you should not be ashamed to talk about it or ignore it.

Climax. What it is?

Even before birth, a certain number of eggs are laid in the body of each girl (each one individually). The monthly cycle for several decades “depletes” the supply of eggs, which leads to the onset of menopause.

A common question women ask is – how old is the climax? Again, everything is individual. Usually, changes start from 40 to 45 years, and the process itself lasts up to 10 years.

Sometimes there are disruptions in the hormonal background, and this condition is sometimes confused with menopause. In order not to make such mistakes, you need to know yourself 100%, regularly visit a gynecologist, familiarize yourself with the first “bells”, the so-called symptoms, and if you have any questions, consult a doctor

The climax takes place in several stages, because the process is long and the body needs time to adapt:

  1. Premenopause. Starts at ~ 45 years old. Duration: before the onset of menopause.
  2. Menopause. Begins by age 50. It is characterized by the cessation of menstruation.
  3. Postmenopause. This period is up to 70 years.
  4. The “old age” period. Lasts until the end of life.

Symptoms, types and signs of menopause

Women tolerate natural body changes in different ways. The manifestation of symptoms, the duration of menopause depends on a number of factors: the state of health at the time of the onset of menopause, lifestyle, environment and other factors. How to understand that menopause is about to come?

The body itself prepares for menopause for about 1-2 years. The process can be recognized by fluctuations in blood pressure, this is especially pronounced in those who have diseases of the cardiovascular system. Sometimes sleep problems appear. During this period, you can notice mood swings for yourself without good reason.

Menopause symptoms:

  • Gradual cessation of menses. Every month there will be less discharge cycle.
  • Violent flushes of blood to the upper body and face. Feeling as if the face is “burning”. About 80% of women feel it.
  • Increased tearfulness, irritability, frequent mood swings (almost PMS).
  • Sleep problems.
  • Uterine bleeding due to decreased fertility.

These are common symptoms that occur in most cases, but each woman may have menopause differently. Some feel little change, while others find it difficult to cope with symptoms on a physical and psychological level. If the symptoms bring significant discomfort, then you should immediately contact a specialist.

With the right approach to changes in the female body under the supervision of a doctor and complex therapy, menopause is not a reason to change your usual way of life and stop enjoying life in full.

Types of menopause

They don't talk about it out loud: what is menopause

When does menopause occur?

This process begins on average at 45-50 years old. With the normal development of menopause, the symptoms may be almost imperceptible, performance does not decrease, this does not affect the social and psychoemotional states in any way.

Within 2 years from the day of the last menstruation, the ovaries begin to lose their main functions. During this period, it can become difficult to deal with stress, to adapt to changes. The severity of menopause depends on the lifestyle, genetics and characteristics of each woman.

How to delay menopause?

They don't talk about it out loud: what is menopause

The second most popular question among women after “what time to wait for the onset of menopause?” Natural changes occur in every woman, so we will share some tips on how to easily handle changes in the body.

By adhering to certain basic rules, you can reduce the risk of symptoms of menopause. We recommend:

  • Proper nutrition. Based on the balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the diet.
  • Rejection of bad habits. Alcohol and smoking disrupt the work of internal organs. Refusal from them will help to feel healthier, slow down the aging process in the body.
  • Active lifestyle. Today, many professions require being in the office, at the computer. Therefore, it is important to dilute the routine with workouts in the gym or at home. If this option is not to your liking, try replacing transport trips with pleasant walks.
  • Raise oxytocin levels, which helps you tone up.
  • In each case, the approach is individual, depending on the physical health of the woman as a whole. When choosing a way to reduce the symptoms of menopause, self-medication can only worsen the general condition of the body. Therefore, we recommend choosing an individual approach.

To relieve the symptoms of menopause, you can use different medications as recommended by your doctor. Including herbal non-hormonal medicinal preparations, such as Klimadinon┬« and others. You can choose the form of release to your taste – Klimadinon┬« tablets (registration certificate No. UA / 5021/02/01 dated 09/15/2016), drops with mint-wood aroma (registration certificate No. UA / 5021/01/01 dated 03.10.2016), Klimadinon┬« Uno (registration certificate No. UA / 2541/01/01 dated 03.03.2015). Before use, you must consult a doctor, and also read the instructions for use. Their action is different from hormonal, but they have clinically proven effectiveness.

Climax is a natural process that needs to be spoken about out loud, since almost every woman faces it. Awareness of what is happening in the body helps to listen to yourself, at the slightest discomfort, contact a specialist.

Self-medication can be harmful to your health

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