They denounce that Pedro Castillo and Geiner Alvarado pressured to favor the company

They denounce that Pedro Castillo and Geiner Alvarado pressured to favor the company

According to “Fourth Estate”, the real estate company MarkaGroup obtained millionaire disbursements from the Mivivienda Fund after suspicious acts.

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They denounce that Pedro Castillo and Geiner Alvarado pressured to favor a company

A real estate company that was unable to contract with the Mivivienda Fund during the Francisco Sagasti government, due to not meeting the requirements of the program, obtained the go-ahead in the management of Pedro Castillo. This after the change of officials in the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation (MVCS) and alleged pressure from the president and the recently censored minister Geiner Alvarado, revealed “Fourth power” .

The company, identified as MarkaGroup, signed agreements and obtained trusts with the Mivivienda Fund after its manager, Sada Goray, met with MVCS officials on August 25, 2021. Alvarado briefly participated in the virtual meeting.

According to “Fourth Estate”, a protected witness for the prosecution assured that this meeting took place under pressure from Castillo and Alvarado.

The witness stated that the then head of the MVCS advisory cabinet, Salatiel Marrufo, went to his office for the Deputy Minister of Housing and Urbanism, Elizabeth Añaños, to explain that “it was important to see this issue, since they were favors that he had that the President of the Republic must comply with.”

According to “Fourth Power”, Goday requested the Mivivienda Fund to approve two fundamental issues to develop its popular housing businesses. The first was an agreement to grant mortgage loans without the supervision of the Superintendence of Banking and Insurance (SBS); and the second, the approval of a trust scheme for its projects with the Techo Propio program.

Based on various observations, the Sagasti government did not approved what MarkaGroup requested, but Castillo's management did, with alleged irregularities.

Under suspicion

The three directors of the risk committee of the Mivivienda Fund : Greta Pedal, Robert Soto and José Olivares refused to approve the trusts in favor of MarkaGroup, since the Mivivienda Fund demanded to put a 25% contribution into the trust, but the company was only willing to give 15%.

A week later, the president of the Mivivienda Fund, Pedro Sevilla, the director Gustavo Jacobs and Greta Pedal resigned. In his replacement came people who were proposed by then Minister Alvarado: Pedro Arroyo, Roger Gavidia and Gonzalo Arrieta, assured “Fourth Power”.

Three weeks after those changes, the renewed risk committee met again.

In the new meeting, the two old directors Robert Soto and José Olivares again voted against, but the new directors Arroyo, Gavidia and Arrieta They voted in favor and won by a majority.

After the approvals, the MarkaGroup projects achieved bond disbursements with the Mivivienda Fund that, together, exceeded S/12 million. The company denied to the aforementioned program that it had any relationship or contact with any member of the Cabinet.