They created a hamburger in honor of Ginóbili and had to change an ingredient due to Manu's complaint that went viral

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The former basketball player criticized the restaurant that has a dish with his name on its menu and the owners had to pay attention to the idol. The story

They created a hamburger in honor of Ginobili and had to change an ingredient because of Manu's complaint that went viral< /p>The hamburger in honor of Manu Ginóbili who had to change an ingredient at the express request of the former basketball player

Manu Ginóbili < /b>He has received numerous tributes throughout his life for his brilliant career. Among those achievements, the man from Bahia was the first Argentine to enter the mythical Basketball Hall of Fame, but surely he would never have imagined that his name would be on the menu of a restaurant in Buenos Aires.

A gastronomic venue located in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo honored the Olympic champion and baptized “La Ginóbili”to one of their burgers. The sandwich has triple beef, cheddar cheese, bacon, egg and cucumbers. This last ingredient was the one of discord and the one that had to leave the scene since Manu himself “thumbed it down” from the United States.

¿ As was? The Twitter userFlorencia DeSimone (@florencia) published the photo of the restó menu with the burger dedicated to the four-time NBA champion with San Antonio Spurs and mentioned the former player. “Has @manuginobili been told that he has a hamburger in his honor in Palermo?” she wrote. The surprising thing is that the man born in Bahía Blanca responded and made a special request: “I like the one on top better (because of another)… you tell him? I don't like cucumbers”.

They created a hamburger in honor of Ginóbili and they had to change an ingredient due to Manu's complaint that went viral

Manu Ginóbili's answer about the ingredients in his hamburger

“I'm going to show them your answer so they can change it”, replied the woman and days later she updated her status: “My job it's already done”, answering another publication that confirmed that the owners of the bar took the cucumber from “La Ginóbili”.

The publication went viral in the social networks and other users commented that it is not the only hamburger dedicated to the basketball idol in Buenos Aires. For example, in the San Telmo neighborhood there is the “Triple de Manu” which has three medallions of meat interspersed with cheddar cheese, bacon, and caramelized onions.

There is also another in his honor in Ramos Mejía called “Cheesenobili” which has a 110-gram double medallion, emmental cheese, pickled eggplant, provoleta, chimichurri mayonnaise and French fries. Which one would Manu like best?

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