They capture two men accused of participating in the beheading of a person in Andes (Antioquia)

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Some videos showing how they perpetrated the brutal crime were key to finding those now on trial

Two men accused of participating in the beheading of a person in Andes (Antioquia) are captured

A video of the brutal crime was key to finding the alleged perpetrators. (Colprensa) rural area of ​​the municipality of Andes, in the southwest of Antioquia.

“Thanks to the investigative and Judicial Police actions carried out, in addition to the collection of probative material elements and physical evidence that allowed the identification of two presumed perpetrators of this crime,” they quoted information from the departmental Police in the newscast of the local channel Telemedellín.

The brutal crime became known on Tuesday, November 15, after the citizens gave notice of the discovery of the body and head of the victim< /b>in the village of La Ermita, in the rural Andes, reported in the regional newspaper El Colombiano.

It was about a man who was identified as Guillermo León Osorio Castañeda, 58 years old, and who had a criminal record for homicide and was on probation, after remaining in jail between 2015 and 2019, they added in the Antioquia newspaper.

Of the macabre homicide there were videos that were disseminated through Whatsapp channels where it was evident that five people were handling the lifeless body of the victim, they highlighted in the television news program Noticias Caracol.

“Look at it, my dad, you told me to take off his head, look at that morraco's head there”, the murderers said in one of the recordings.

Those indicated, who are now responding to the judicial authorities, were located by the Police for this audiovisual material, they indicated in the Telemedellín news program.

“The analysis of videos, where it was recorded, while they committed the homicide, was a key element in identifying and capturing these two people,” they explained at the institution.

Those captured were found in the police procedure a 38-caliber revolver and six cartridges for it. In addition, they reported in the Antioquia news program, the uniformed officers found that alias Tiburón has a criminal record for theft and trafficking, manufacture and illegal possession of firearms.

One ​​of the hypotheses that the authorities are handling, they pointed out in The Colombian, is that it would be a reckoning due to the criminal record of the victim.

“Of 978 cases, 410 have been resolved and those responsible have been brought to justice. All institutional actions have been aimed at protecting the lives of citizens, achieving a 13 percent reduction in this crime. This corresponds to 149 cases less than the previous year of affectation to life”.

The beheading in Andes is the third in the country in the past week, after two more were reported in Pereira (Risaralda ), apparently due to retaliation between criminal structures in that city that are fighting over the sale of narcotics, reported on the station La W Radio.

In the radio medium they consulted with Eisenhower Zapata, coordinator of the departmental committee for victims of the armed conflict, who explained that the La Cordillera gang allied with another structure called Los Flacos that commits crimes in the north of Valle del Cauca and others in Caldas and Quindío to confront the new criminal organizations that are emerging in the area.