They capture an Army major who was going to deliver weapons to a civilian in Bogotá

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The officer was caught red-handed when he handed a man two rifles in the west of the Colombian capital

They capture an Army major who was going to deliver arms to a civilian in Bogotá

The Army officer, who would belong to the aviation area, together with the other citizen, were transferred to the URI of La Granja for prosecution. Reference image. Photo: Colprensa.

In the last few hours, the capture of a National Army major who was caught red-handed while handing over two long weapons to a civilian in the París Gaitán neighborhood, in western Bogotá, was reported.

According to information from Caracol Radio, which posted on Twitter, the major would answer to the name of Jaime Andrés Calderón and was captured, according to information from W Radio, on the night of Friday, November 18 when he handed over two M4 5.56 caliber rifles. mm to a citizen, identified as Jorge Felipe García, who was also captured

The Army officer, according to what was revealed by W Radio, who would belong to the aviation area, together with the other citizen, were transferred to the URI of La Granja for prosecution, since, at the time of the capture, they did not present documents proving the possession or carrying of the weapons.

Army colonel captured with a suitcase full of weapons in the El Dorado airport was released

They capture an Army major who was going to hand over weapons to a civilian in Bogota

Photo: National Army.

It is important to remember that on October 26 it was learned that Lieutenant Colonel Jorge Esteban Bautista López, who had been captured at El Dorado airport with a suitcase full of weapons, He was released in the last few hours by decision of a Bogotá judge. However, he will continue to be linked to an investigation, so he will not be able to leave the country and must appear before the judicial authorities whenever required.

It was learned that Colonel Bautista had traveled to Miami with the permission of the Recruitment Command for “a family situation”, but in reality he had gone to buy the accessories for the weapons that were found in his luggage last Sunday.< /p>

When he returned from the United States he was on his way to the city of Cali, for which he had to make a transfer at the Bogotá airport. After carrying out an immigration search, the colonel, assigned to the third recruitment zone of the Army, based in Cali, collected his suitcases; but through “profiling work” carried out by the airport authorities, in collaboration with the National Police, “it is possible to show that he is traveling with several suitcases which, when passed through the scanner, show suspicious images”, reported the newspaper El Tiempo.

An official from the Directorate of Taxes and Customs (Dian) checked the lieutenant colonel's luggage and what he found surprised not only him, but also the other public servants who collaborated with this procedure:

A pistol charger Prieto Beretta 9 mm capacity 17 cartridges, 10 units; a magazine for pistol Glock, with capacity for 50 cartridges, 16 units; Magazine for 9 mm pistol Glock, capacity 15 cartridges, 10 units; a charger for a 9 mm CZ pistol, capacity 15 cartridges, five units; and a Smith and Wesson pistol magazine, with a capacity of 17 cartridges, 14 units, according to the aforementioned outlet.

They also found a pistol conversion kit < i>Glock make Scoit; six brand Fab Defense conversion kitfor Glock pistol, three units and a conversion kit for pistol Glock brand MCK, 3 units. Alongside all this, a stocked micro-conversion kit, a micro-flashlight conversion kit and a Fab Defense brand Crimson Trace folding laser sight CMR CMR 201 laser sight.

< p class="paragraph">The lieutenant colonel would have tried to justify the contents of his luggage by arguing that he was a member of the Army of the Infantry, something that was not enough to dissuade the officials of the El Dorado airport, who proceeded with his capture.

Bautista López was part of the Quirón Task Force and served as a Logistics officer. He was also a security officer at the Military Hospital and a member of the general staff when he was at the headquarters of Army operations. He is a business administrator and has a master's degree in security and national defense. Now, in his resume, he will have a disciplinary investigation for the events that occurred on Tuesday night.