They beat Uruguay 0-3 at the Armenia headquarters. 

Brazil achieved its second consecutive victory in the Copa América Femenina on Tuesday by defeating comfortably, with Adriana's double, by 0 -3 to Uruguay at the Centenario stadium in Armenia.

With this result, the Canarinha reaffirms its first place in the Group B with six points in two outings, followed by Venezuela with three integers, product of a victory.

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In the game of This Tuesday, the Gordian knot for Brazil was untied by their forwards; Adriana who capitalized at 32 minutes a drop from her companion Tamires . And 13 minutes later Debinha also defeated Sofía Olivera, who despite receiving those goals had a good job saving other shots with a goal seal.

The Uruguayans tried not to be overwhelmed by Brazil, who had to worry about Carolina Birizamberri, one of the few who dared to face their rivals and shoot at Lorena's door, who had little work.

Without mercy

As soon as the teams settled down for the second half when Brazil made it 3-0 thanks to a drop that Adriana finely defined after a pass from Debinha.

With that advantage and the obvious exhaustion of the Uruguayans, the Swedish coach Pia Sundhage
made changes to give minutes to players who could later be the solution in final matches for the title of the Women's America Cup.

In any case, those directed by Ariel Longo had their clearest opportunity with Birizamberri, who crashed the ball against the vertical in a shot that caught at 70 minutes.

In addition to the three points, Uruguay also lost Ximena Velasco due to expulsion, who charged hard against a Brazilian and therefore had one point less in the last 13 minutes, forcing her teammates to redouble their efforts to keep the score from increasing.

The comfortable victory leaves Canarinha with another smile as it remains undefeated since in its first outing it thrashed Argentina 4-0. On the contrary, the Uruguayans are concerned because they have lost two in a row.

The first was at the hands of Venezuela in an even game that was defined by Deyna Castellanos's free kick, and this one against Brazil. Brazil has faced Uruguay three times in the Copa América Femenina and in all the matches they have managed to win and also keep their goal clean. The first win was a resounding 6-0 in 2006, then 4-0 in 2010 and now 0-3.

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