They beat Medellín in the series, at El Campín.

They beat Medellín in the series, at El Campín.

Millionaires suffered more than he should have, he had a scare, he was at risk, but finally he kept the quota to the final of the Copa Colombia, after eliminating Medellín, 4-2 on aggregate.

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Medellín arrived in Bogotá determined to equalize the series, and wasted no time, playing a great first half in which he made a big difference, scoring the two goals that made the aggregate 2-2. The blue team was a nightmare in that period, not only did they receive the two goals, but they lost by expulsion, at the end of the first half, at the wheel of Juan Carlos Pereira.

Powerful Goals

Exceeded in the series to Medellín, in El Campín.

The DIM found the first goal at minute 28, when Cambindo took the shot that could not control goalkeeper Álvaro Montero.

El Poderoso came to life in El Campín, but a large part of the challenge was still missing. He kept up his good game, aggressive, taking advantage of the fact that the blue team could not show his usual game.

The ambassador fans experienced a drama when Pons appeared at minute 36 to score the go-ahead goal antioquian Campín was speechless, they couldn't believe it, the series was even 2-2.

And the worst thing for the blues was when Pereira saw a red card, for hitting Pons without the ball. Gamero held his head, incredulous at what was happening on the court.

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Blue reaction

But for the second part, that Millionaire who is the leader of the League played decisively, it didn't seem like he had one less player, on the contrary, he revitalized himself and at minute 58 he found the goal that put him up again in the key.

It was a free kick, < b>Daniel Ruiz touched the ball and Mackalister Silva put the ball at an angle, for 1-2.

Medellín went into despair, Millonarios played to control and endure. But he had his weapon, the ball was still, and so Daniel Ruiz tied it, with great pay for the final 2-2. ?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

With that result, the ambassadors go to the grand final of the Cup and they expect a rival between Magdalena and Junior who will face each other on September 14, with a 0-1 advantage for the samarios.

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