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They attract migrants: in Ukraine, 74% of construction companies experience a shortage of personnel

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun18,2024

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There is a serious shortage of workers in the construction industry in Ukraine. The shortage of personnel at construction sites reaches 40%, due to which they begin to attract migrants to work.

Now 74% of construction companies in Ukraine experience a shortage of personnel. Forbes magazine writes about it.

The Confederation of Employers of Ukraine, citing data from the Pension Fund, reported that as of January 1, 2024, 298,992 people were officially employed in the construction industry of Ukraine. Compared to the data of two years ago, this indicator decreased by 25.4%.

Currently, 74% of companies in Ukraine experience a shortage of personnel. This indicator has significantly increased compared to the previous estimate, in particular 55% – in the fall of 2023, – said the study of the labor market conducted by the European Business Association.

Construction companies lack up to 30-40% of labor specialists. The director of the construction company 7CI Group, Olga Gavura, said that the lack of specialists reaches 30-40%. One of the companies has already attracted migrants – they need masons, concrete workers and their assistants. The arrival of the workers is expected already in June.

It is noted that during the war, people were recruited to work in Ukraine from such countries as Pakistan, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, the Philippines, as well as from African countries.

Attracting migrants: in Ukraine, 74% of construction companies experience a shortage of personnel


Situation on the labor market in Ukraine

The Ministry of Economy of Ukraine has announced that it will pay more attention to retraining programs for Ukrainians who remain behind in professions that have maximum demand. In particular, women began to master professions that were once considered purely “male”.

Minister Yulia Svyridenko said that there are two critically important challenges for the Ukrainian economy – energy problems and a lack of labor.

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