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They are afraid of drones: 2 airports in Russia have suspended operations, mass evacuations are underway in these regions

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May23,2024

Afraid of drones: 2 airports in Russia have suspended operations, in these regions – mass evacuation

Today, May 23, flights and departures were urgently suspended at two Russian airports. This is explained by security measures. Russians are panicking about possible drone attacks.

This was reported in Rosaviatsia. In addition, mass evacuations are known in these regions.

2 airports have suspended operations

Kazan Airport  suspended work from 11.30 to ensure the safety of civil aircraft flights, – reported Rosaviatsia.

And later they added that temporary restrictions on flights following Kazan were introduced at Nizhnekamsk airport.

Threat of attacks

At the same time, local residents began to record drones in the sky, and air alarms sounded at oil refineries.

Russian mass media and Telegram channels also reported on the mass evacuation of employees enterprises in Kazan and Nizhnyokamsk due to the threat of a UAV attack.

It is noted that employees of Nizhnyokamskuvlets, Orgsintez, Nizhnyokamskshiny, Taif-NK, Taneko and Nizhnyokamskneftokhim are leaving their jobs.

Employees of Nizhnyokama CHP were also evacuated.

Drones attack Russians: urgent

On the night of May 19, the Russians announced that their territory was attacked by drones, and therefore, they had to “land” dozens of drones. The Russian Ministry of Defense complained that its air defense had allegedly destroyed 60 drones over two regions of Russia, as well as one drone and 9 ATACMS missiles over occupied Crimea.

Natasha Kumar

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