They accuse Netflix of showing a pedophile message with 'Cuties', 11-year-old girls dancing 'twerking'

They accuse Netflix of showing a pedophile message with 'Cuties', 11-year-old girls dancing 'twerking'

A strong reaction in the networks has cried out against the film, which is accused of sexualizing the child's body and supplying material for perverse eyes that are turned on by the sight of minors

They accuse Netflix of showing a pedophile message with 'Cuties', 11-year-old girls dancing 'twerking'

In parallel to the success of its business model, which has undoubtedly changed the way of approaching and producing audiovisual projects at the present time – and more so at a time when cinemas are running at half gas and consumption at home has skyrocketed -, the Netflix platform has had to deal in recent years also with different controversies regarding the subject, the approach and the supposed invalidity of some of its contents.

A few months ago the talk was 365 days , an erotic drama of Polish origin with a sexual content of a highly spicy tone and even more twisted than that eulogy of sadomasochism that is 50 Shades of Gray , and now the film that has set the networks on fire – with countless outraged voices demanding his immediate removal – is Cuties , a French production about a group of 11-year-old girls fascinated with twerking , and accused of displaying a clearly pedophile message.

Cuties , which here has been translated as Guapis , participates in one of the thematic lines that can most be detected on Netflix: the one that slides messages about female empowerment , criticism of toxic masculinity and other outstanding issues of what is known like the 'woke' mentality, and that run through the plot and dialogues of self-produced series like GLOW or Sabrina.

Cuties , on the other hand, takes this approach to a much more thorny terrain by proposing that the female emancipatory process can begin in childhood, and with an early sexualization of the body .

A strong reaction in the networks has clamored with a compact message: Cuties effectively sexualizes the infantile body and, far from having a feminist connotation, what it does is provide material for perverse eyes that are excited by the vision of minors.

It is, therefore, an indisputably obscene and amoral film . However, it was not the intention of its director, the French of Senegalese origin Maïmouna Doucouré, who had previously dealt with the subject of childhood in her first short film, Maman (s) , in which she poured her memories in Senegal into the bosom of a polygamous family.

In the case of Cuties , by focusing its plot on the fashion of twerking – that dance of Caribbean origin, closely related to reggaeton and dancehall, which consists of the sensual and agitated movement of the buttocks -, the bet was more risky, Well, it is still a corporal expression that has always aroused controversy.

From liberal positions, twerking is defended as a way of expression of the free woman who has her body without restrictions; from another point of view, it would be no more than a typical swagger of the sexual claim intended to excite the gaze of others (and especially male).

That the group of protagonists are minor adds a delicate nuance , and hence the premiere of Cuties on the platform has made a large group of subscribers feel bad. As of the afternoon of August 20, there were more than 550 ratings for the film on Google: except for a few – which rated it five stars – all held one unequivocal idea: Cuties is an absolute hypersexualized pedophile crap , an aberration and a shame inside the Netflix catalog.

It's not that cinema has never dealt with the prepubescent female body – there's a film by Celine Sciama, the 2020 Oscar winner for Portrait of a Woman on Fire , which is about a group of girls who discover their sexual attraction within a synchronized swimming team, titled in French Nassiance des pieuvres (2007), and which is shot with a delicacy and a highly elegant poetic touch – but Cuties , which looks more like a Miley Cyrus video clip than an Agnes movie Varda, has put her finger to the bottom of a sore with which, at the moment, she is raw.

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