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These three cult mangas are coming soon to France

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May20,2024

Having become essential, manga continue to fascinate tens of millions of readers throughout the world. worldwide. Good news, since in recent weeks, the publishers have announced the upcoming arrival of these three editions of cult mangas in France.

These three cult mangas are coming soon to France

#1 Sand Land, by Akira Toriyama

Published; in Japan between May and August 2000,Sand Landmade the news. this year. The animated film (divided into six episodes) and the animated series were released in spring 2024 on the Disney+ platform. Akira Toriyama to delve back into little-known regions of The World and rediscover the characteristic humor of the creator ofDragon Ball andDr. Slump. Subsequently, the eponymous video game was released in April 2024 on PlayStation and Xbox.

These three cult mangas from are sailing to France soon

Glénat, the historic French publisher of Akira Toriyama's mangas, took this opportunity to announce a brand new release. edition ofSand Land, expected for the month of October 2024. Something to delight fans of the anime, and more generally of the works of the legendary mangaka!

#2 Pineapple Army , by Naoki Urasawa and Kazuya Kudō

Before becoming the absolute master of the Japanese thriller with 20th Century BoysMonster and  Pluto, Naoki Urasawa debuted in his career with a manga script by Kasuya Kudō:Pineapple Army. Recounting the adventures of an American-Japanese mercenary veteran of the Vietnam War giving self-defense classes to students. civilians, this action manga was impossible to find in France, and for good reason! Glénat had not published only one volume out of the eight published in Japan.

These three cult mangas are arriving soon in France

A few days ago, the French publisher Kana – 90% of Naoki Urasawa's manga – announced its release. that a new edition will be published in September 2024. The entirety of the of the manga will be published in three volumes of more than 500 pages each. A sacred gift for fans of the famous mangaka! 

#3 In the time of Botchan, Jiro Taniguchi and Natsuo Sekikawa

Among the greatest Japanese mangaka, the regretted Jiro Taniguchi is particularly appreciated. in France, particularly for the magnificentQuartier Lointain. His fans but also newbies will soon be able to (re)discover the seriesAu temps de Botchan, each of the five volumes of which invites us to explore; discover the Meiji era at through the eyes of a great artist.

These three cult mangas

According to the website, Casterman editions plan to republish the series – unavailable for several years – in a new version. edition respecting the Japanese reading direction. As a reminder,the first volume is devoted to to the gigantic writer Natsume Soseki, while the second tells us the story of the writer Futabatei Shimei. The first two volumes should probably be released on September 25, 2025.

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