These methods extend the working time of iPhone

Any smartphone, even the best, after a while of use demonstrate a reduction in time of operation of the battery, including the iPhone. There are a number of ways to extend the work of such mobile devices without recharging.

Названы методы продлить время работы смартфонов iPhone

Experts suggest to activate the power saving mode. To do this, go into the column settings and find “Battery”. This step will allow the smartphone is not so often to communicate with servers to receive notifications, reduce the display brightness and processor load. It is also important to maintain the duration of the health iPhone to turn on background app refresh, but it works when you are connected to Wi-Fi. “OSes” iOS “freezes” the program in their absence on the display. In this case, the contents of the application may experience all sorts of changes, which also affects the battery consumption.

Other secrets continue the successful work of the battery devices iPhone – disabling features “Hey Siri”, Bluetooth (but it is more suited to those who have no smart watch), “Raise to activate” (smartphone included stops everytime when it touch). In addition, it is recommended to deactivate unnecessary alerts from applications and start the geolocation service. The last function is acceptable for those programs that require them.

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