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A very important and at the same time vulnerable element of a smartphone is the battery. Sometimes the owner can unwittingly harm it.

What actions should be avoided so that the battery capacity does not decrease and it does not become unusable, itechua site told . First of all, you should make sure that the phone does not fall. The battery can be deformed and swell from impact.

In addition, experts do not advise discharging the phone to zero and charging it to 100 percent. If this happens rarely, there is no danger, but this constant practice will drain the battery. It is best to follow the 20/80 rule — do not discharge the smartphone below 20 percent, but charge it up to 80 percent.

Also “heavy games”have a negative effect on the “health” of the battery. When they start, the battery not only quickly consumes energy, but also heats up additionally. The danger is greatly increased if the phone is charging at the same time. This is a strong stress for the device in general and for its battery in particular.

Another important point – compliance with the temperature regime. You can charge the phone only when the air temperature is between 0 and +35 degrees. In addition, it is necessary to protect the gadget from direct sunlight. Having brought it from the frost, you cannot immediately put it on the charger, you need to give it time to warm up at room temperature.

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