These fearsome new speed cameras are coming in 2024

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The government wants to verbalize motorists who drive in polluting vehicles. From 2024, new automatic speed cameras supposed to check the Crit’Air sticker will be put into service.

These fearsome new speed cameras are coming in 2024

As the scientific community warns of global warming, with the temperature on track to rise by 2.5°C by the end of the century, the French government announces a strengthening of anti-pollution measures. In particular in the Low Emission Zones (ZFE) set up in certain cities.

After the automatic speed cameras which report speeding, the red light cameras, those which penalize the lack of insurance or even the non-wearing of seat belts – the government is therefore announcing the arrival of a new type of radar which will only flash if you are driving in a vehicle deemed to be too polluting.

Anti-pollution radars will be installed in the ZFEs< /h2>

ZFEs require you to have a vehicle eligible for Crit'Air 1 or 2 stickers to be able to cross these zones, which are in place in no less than 43 French municipalities. For the time being, each local authority can decide on different restrictions for each ZFE, but the government announces the establishment of a working group supposed to harmonize these rules.

And above all provide appropriate controls and penalties for vehicles entering and driving in these areas. New speed cameras will therefore be installed. And these will not crackle either in the event of authorized speeding or in the event of burnt out red lights, although it is not impossible that certain models can penalize several infractions.

The automatic speed cameras in question will read the license plate of the vehicles, check the Crit'Air categories in a database, before flashing if the vehicle is in a category that is too polluting. Derogations will however be possible, for example for vehicles used by the police, firefighters and emergency services in general.

But for most motorists, these radars mean that in the event of passing through an unauthorized area, they will receive a ticket within a few days to be paid as soon as possible. The precise conditions have yet to be defined. The subject is potentially explosive, especially since the government has already faced major social movements following measures aimed at motorists, in particular the Yellow Vests, for example.

In a context of crisis, inflation and reduction in household budgets, there is no doubt that the measure will make people unhappy. This is also why the government is also imagining some additional temporary derogations for individuals. The Minister of Ecological Transition Christophe Béchu mentions in particular a “ pass ” which would allow cars with too high of a Crit’Air category to pass through these areas a few times a year.

Also remains to be seen how much the fine will cost, and whether or not it will result in a withdrawal of points on the driving license…