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There will be six of us: Timur and Inna Miroshnychenko will adopt another child

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun21,2024

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Ukrainian presenter Timur Miroshnychenko and his wife Inna are raising their two children and an adopted boy. However, very soon their family will have a new addition.

The star couple had long planned to accept another child without parents into their family and, in the end, they succeeded. Very soon they will become parents for the fourth time. They announced this on Instagram.

The path to adopting a child was difficult for the Miroshnychenkos. They refused and were not allowed to take in another child. However, recently Inna announced on her Instagram that soon the composition of their family will be replenished.

Family. There are five of us in this picture, and very soon there will be six, the woman pointed out.

She showed a stack of personal files of candidates for adoption.

One ​​small eternity – and I am officially a candidate for adoption again!, – Inna shared in the story.

The couple has repeatedly received hate regarding adoption. Allegedly, they want to take the child for PR or in general to save Timur from serving in the army. Despite the negativity from the haters, Inna urged her fans to listen to their hearts and stubbornly go to the goal.

I am a happy mother of many children who is preparing to welcome a fourth child into the family. I sometimes read now that we “collect children” or “publicize” it. There will always be those who criticize and impose their vision. Follow the call of your heart. Not according to other people's words. Because the heart knows what your soul needs right now, the host's wife emphasized.

By the way, in 2018, Timur and Inna had their first child, daughter Mia. A year later, son Marko was born. In 2023, the stars decided to adopt and took a 2-year-old boy, Marcel, into their family. Now they hope to adopt a girl aged 8-10.

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