There was a fight at the end of the match in Turin. 

There was a fight at the end of the match in Turin. 

The reaction in the second half of Juventus was not enough to complete the comeback against a Salernitana who lengthened with this tie ( 2-2) the footballing agony of a team from Turin that hid with a final rush and with the controversial invalidation of what would have been the winning goal, its most incapable version, without a defined game idea and defensively overwhelmed against a theoretically inferior team .

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Excuses are beginning to run out for a 'Juve' that misses Di María and Chiesa and has not yet been able to count on Pogba.

Especially for Massimiliano Allegri, highly questioned after the latest performances of a totally clueless Juventus whose only green shoot is still Vlahovic, almost always isolated, trying to redirect the course of this drifting ship.

And it is that in the last six games that the 'Vecchia Signora' have played, counting the defeat against PSG in the Champions League, they have only added one victory. And the worst thing has not been the results, but the feeling of not having a defined plan and surrendering to isolated actions or individual genius.

Salernitana was much superior in the first half, with a daring, showy and brave game that dismantled the Juventine scheme. So much so that, in minute 20, the Salerno team went ahead on the scoreboard.

VAR and Square

Cuadrado measured poorly in a change of orientation of the rival and was unable to clear with his head, leaving the entire lane to Mazzocchi, who stepped on the area and, with a good feint on McKennie, opened a gap to take out a powerful center that Candreva finished off in the mouth the Gol.

The VAR reviewed a possible hand, but the goal was legal. The disaster began in Turin. 'Juve' reacted through Vlahovic, who managed to become strong among the visiting defense and took a good shot that ended up in the back of the net. The assistant raised the flag due to irregular position of the Serb, goal disallowed.

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The frustration of the striker and of the 'Juve' was increasing. Mazzocchi continued to lead the danger down the left flank, beating Cuadrado and the “help” of a Kean who was overreacted and caused several dangerous fouls.

Salernitana's domain was a clamor in a first act that ended with 0-2. The VAR intervened again to notify the referee of a Bremer handball that had deflected a Piatek shot that was on target. Penalty that Piatek himself converted and that left wing 'Juve' practically sentenced.

The second half was another game. Allegri's team woke up, who brought on Milik, and managed to close the gap quickly with an impeccable header from Bremer to Kostic's cross. The Brazilian central defender redeemed himself for his mistake in the first half.

Salernitana was a shadow of what it was in the first half, and adopted the role of survival, the one that is assumed almost any team in Serie A would adopt against 'Juve'. At least until not long ago it was like that.

The premises became great, but at the same time the nervousness was growing. Milik greatly improved Kean's performance and the offensive presence grew. Kostic, Vlahovic and Milik himself tried unsuccessfully before the madness broke out in Turin. In the 90th minute Alex Sandro was knocked down inside the area. Clear penalty that he could save the 'Juve' furniture.

There was a brawl at the end of the match in Turin. 

The captain took responsibility, Bonucci, who made a mistake in the first instance but favored by the rebound, defined at will to tie the contest . Locals were unleashed. The Salernitana sank due to the sheer push of 'Juve' and the sentence came. Milik completed his big night with a header to the near post from a corner kick in the 94th minute.

Celebrated Juventus Stadium, Milik took off his shirt guided by the emotion of the moment and was sent off. Inexplicably for the players, the play had to be reviewed. Bonucci could be offside. The tension gripped the 22 outfield players and both benches.

Fazio and Cuadradothey had a confrontation that stopped the referee on his way to the VAR monitor, while Bonucci and company tried to separate the great melee that had formed. When the atmosphere seemed to calm down, the referee went on his way and after seeing the play repeated, he decided to annul it due to Bonucci's positional offside, who did not touch the ball but tried to shoot.


In the referee's opinion, enough to be considered game interference. The visiting bench celebrated, the local protested. The tangana was reactivated. Milik's expulsion for a goal that did not go up on the scoreboard was joined by Fazio and Cuadrado's, and Allegri's.

The game came to an end in the 101st minute, with a tie on the scoreboard and the controversy served. A controversy that covered the opaque game of a 'Juve' plunged into a great game crisis.

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