“There is only life”: Khabib makes the most money in Russia, but the men are dissatisfied with the fees

The Russian champion has received for the fiscal year more than 16 million

The champion of UFC lightweight Khabib Nurmagomedov earned for the fiscal year that ended in April, 16.5 million dollars – according to BJPenn. Mixed martial arts fighter is “the most successful” Russian celebrity or athlete under the age of 40. Earlier we wrote that Habib returned to the octagon and named the date of his fight with Justin Gaji.


In the last fight against former interim champion of the UFC lightweight Dustin Poirier Nurmagomedov has received $ 10 million. However, the American fighter gray Maynard, also competing in the UFC lightweight division, overall not happy with the fees of the athletes. Here is what he said about their earnings.

"Остается только на жизнь": Хабиб зарабатывает больше всех в России, но бойцы недовольны гонорарами

Nurmagomedov vs Pore / Photo: Twitter

“100 thousand dollars for the fight. 10% goes to the salaries of the Manager and 15% coaches, 5% to 10% — expenses for carrying out of training camp, 20% taxes, even with deductions (total may be more), 5-10% — to postpone their retirement, 5-10% for investment, not to mention the money that is invested in another source of stable income and the security Fund. After this it remains only to life. 100 thousand travels fast,” wrote Maynard in his Twitter.

We also reported that the father of the champion of UFC Nurmagomedov recovered from coronavirus, but remains in the hospital. Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov was complications after heart surgery.

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