There is no adequate state program for prosthetics in Ukraine

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There is no adequate state program for prosthetics in Ukraine

Over 83 thousand injured participants of the Revolution of Dignity, ATO and war veterans did not receive free rehabilitation and readaptation services.

The Ministry of Veterans does not conduct a proper dialogue with veterans and their organizations. The war has been going on since 2014. From 2022 – began large-scale. And the state apparatus was not rebuilt. Still working on inertia. And it can end badly.

In an interview with, acting head of the Accounting Chamber Andriy Maisner told about this.

The Audit of the Accounting Chamber established that that in four years, neither a complete package of rehabilitation and readaptation services for this category of citizens, nor a system for providing them has been formed.

"Part of the people have already returned from the front. And many lost their limbs in the battles, they need prosthetics. Where is the adequate prosthetics program? If not for international aid and donors – would be a complete tragedy. They are now bailing out. Profile agencies do not have proper interaction between themselves, coordination and system work. There is a lack of communication specifically with those whom we are supposed to help,", – Meisner noted in an interview.