There are 500 Georgian citizens who want a European future

There are 500 Georgian citizens who want a European future

There are 500 Georgian citizens who want a European future

Photo: Georgian media

About 500 people gathered for the rally in support of Georgia's movement to the EU.

According to Novosti Georgia, the event was organized by Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili. The ruling party explained this by saying that the action was “no man's”.

Salome Zurabishvili convened a “action of unity” on June 16 in the historical center of Tbilisi on Europe Square, on the eve of the expected decision of the European Commission on the applications of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova.

At her call, about 500 people came out, including the ambassadors of the European Union, France and Germany. The President said that she was not concerned that the call did not attract more people, and it was good that no one “was taken by bus, as if to party rallies.”

"My main message– that we came here freely, without preparation, and this is not a party meeting. Here – people who believe that the only prospect for Georgia – this is Europe. I am also here as a citizen, not the President – a citizen who worries about this country and believes that it has only one future – Europe. And I will do my best to make this prospect come true,” Salome Zurabishvili said.

She criticized the government, noting that because of the position of the Georgian Dream, Georgia has recently been left without almost all important allies and is in danger of isolation.

The government was offended by the president's criticism, while the opposition, on the contrary, consider it too soft. Therefore, both the ruling party and the major opposition forces did not support her idea of ​​the action.

Opposition activists announced their action “Home to Europe” June 20 on Rustaveli Avenue. Zurabishvili confirmed that she would not go there because she “doesn't go to political meetings”.

Georgian Dream leader Irakli Kobakhidze said that the action turned out to be unprepared and counterproductive, because it did not capture the mood of the society.

“85% of the population support integration into the EU, and 300 came to the rally, of which more than 200 – this is the president herself, ambassadors, journalists, administration officials and law enforcement officers,” Kobakhidze said.

In his opinion, the action did not receive mass support, because it was a “no one’s rally.”

< p>"Salome Zurabishvili herself previously stated that she is neither the ruling party, nor the opposition, nothing at all. She's just a symbolic president,” said the leader of “Dream”.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich