Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

Theft of $20 million in gold: Air Canada denies responsibility

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According to Brink's testimony, an individual took the precious cargo by presenting a fraudulent slip to the staff of 'Air Canada in a warehouse at Pearson Airport.


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Air Canada says it takes no responsibility for the daring theft of $23.8 million in gold and cash from its warehouse at Toronto Pearson Airport earlier this year.

Airline faces lawsuit from security services firm Brink's after thief leaves warehouse of Air Canada with the precious cargo on April 17.

To date, neither the thief nor his loot have been found.< /p>

In a statement of defense presented on November 8, Air Canada rejects all the allegations that Brink's filed in October in Federal Court, and maintains that it respected its contract of carriage. The company also denies any reckless or inappropriate conduct.

The country's largest airline goes on to claim that Brink's failed to note the value of the goods on the air waybill (a document usually issued by a carrier with details of the shipment). ;shipment) and that if Brink's did in fact suffer losses, a multilateral treaty known as the Montreal Convention would limit Air Canada's liability.

In its file presented to the courts, Brink's states that an unidentified individual had access to the airline's cargo warehouse and presented false documents approximately 40 minutes after an Air Canada flight landed at Pearson from Zurich.

The statement indicates that air carrier personnel then handed over 400 kg of gold in the form of 24 bars with a current value of approximately $21.1 million and more than $2.7 million in cash to the thief, who quickly disappeared with this loot.

With information from The Canadian Press.


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