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The individual, who pleaded guilty to two charges of murder and attempted murder, had previously been declared a terrorist.

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The young Incel OS, sentenced as an adult to life in prison.

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Defense lawyer Monte MacGregor addresses the judge in front of his unidentified client. The four Crown lawyers (two provincial and two federal) are seated on the right.

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A new case law has just entered the legal annals of Canada. The young O.S., who had already been qualified as a terrorist by the judge for his affiliation with Incels, was sentenced to life in prison for the premeditated murder in a massage parlor in 2020 in Toronto.

The magistrate gave him an adult sentence but nevertheless took into account his age at the time, so the 21-year-old will be eligible for parole in 10 years, not 25 years.

Warning : reading this text may shock some readers .

BONE. had pleaded guilty, in September 2022, to two counts of murder and attempted murder against the victim and survivor of the attack he committed in the name of the Incel movement. /p>Open in full screen mode

The Young Offenders Act prevents us from revealing the identity of O.S. who was 17 years old at the time of the alleged acts.

Incels (involuntary celibate or < em>abstinent in spite of themselves) are those individuals who attack women because of their sexual frustrations.

The identity of O.S. is protected, because he was 17 at the time. He would turn 18 six months after the attack, the judge said.

No individual in the country had yet been convicted in as a member of the Incels. The notion of terrorism had until now only applied to religious ideologies in the country.

BONE. However, he never faced any terrorism-related charges, but police described the attack as an ideologically motivated violent extremist movement, arriving at the Spa Crown massage parlor on February 24, 2020.

The police discovered the 24-year-old victim inside the living room, as well as a man and a woman who had survived the attack. ;attack. The second woman was seriously injured.

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Terrorist attack victim Ashley Noell Arzaga.

BONE. had used a long knife on which the inscription whore hunter had been engraved. A note was also found in his coat which read that the incel rebellion had begun.

In his sentence, Justice Suhail Akhtar, of the Ontario Superior Court, says that a juvenile sentence as the defense hoped for would be insufficient, because he acted like an adult at the time of the attack.

He had the maturity to carry out his savage and misogynistic crime with hidden motives to sow fear in society , he said in a long judgment.

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The exterior of the crime scene at Crown Spa massage parlor on February 24, 2020 in north of Toronto. (File photo)

The magistrate further doubts that O.S. had his brain washed by hanging out with Incels in chat rooms, as he claimed in detention during psychiatric evaluations.

He used the ideology of Incels to justify the violence of his crime, he underlines, siding with the Crown which had not only demanded an adult sentence but also the qualification of ;terrorist act to characterize murder and attempted murder.

It was a premeditated murder coupled with a terrorist act, adds the judge who recalls that O.S. was inspired by Alek Minassian in Canada and Elliot Rodger in California.

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Alek Minassian, at the police station on April 23, 2018, has since been sentenced to life in prison without the right to parole for 25 years for the Toronto truck attack. (File photo)

The difference in punishment would therefore have been very different if O.S. had been sentenced to a juvenile sentence, since a sentence for terrorism can lead to life imprisonment without the right to parole before 25 years, while a The sentence for premeditated murder of a minor is only 10 years.

Only downside however. The judge accepts that O.S. be eligible for parole earlier than expected, in 10 years, due to his reduced abilities related to his anxiety, depression and autism disorders.

By virtue of the time he has spent in pretrial detention since his arrest, O.S. will be able to apply for parole in six years. He will now be transferred to a federal penitentiary.

More details to come.

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