The year of the car that will not be: the electric is a magnificent obsession but around I see only black

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The year of the car that will never be: electric is a magnificent obsession but around I see only black

by Carblogger

2023: maybe it takes a crystal ball to try and figure out where the car is headed. I buy one on Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce site that keeps flying (1 billion usersactive only in China, an objective achieved two years in advance), despite its creator Jack Ma, a top manager too independent for the tastes of the Party, having been re-educated in their own way. I know this sphere will spy on me, but if it had been made in the USA it would have spied on me just the same.

2023: the‘electric car has become our magnificent obsession. Then my eyes fall on a Quartz chart and I see that the S&p 500 index of Wall Street, down 20% in a 2022 cursed by this war, saw an average jump of 87% in the shares of five American oil companies: Exxon, Marathon, Hess, Occidental and the Schulmberger services company.

< p>E’ It is true that electric mobility is now silhouetted on the horizon, but in the meantime the Indian Gautam Adani was for a few weeks the second richest person in the world after Elon Musk. Ah yes, his empire of infrastructure and energy is based on coal mines. I see black.

2023: so we don't miss anything now Covid has exploded in China and who knows what will happen with the cheerful globalization. Meanwhile, it could have N-bomb effects on production in the country, as has already happened in the Tesla factory in Shanghai: many, too many sick people at home and suspended lines. Could the invasion of Chinese electric cars into Europe, as our managers privately call it, be postponed? I can't see well, the sphere here becomes opaque, like all things Chinese.

2023: the balance sheets of manufacturers and dealers (those not swept away by the parent companies) should remain d’gold. Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis, says that electric cars are too expensive and therefore not even the middle class will be able to buy them. Then he discovers that for a traditional Fiat Panda it takes 14 thousand euros or for a Ford Fiesta in run out of 20 thousand and I ask myself: who is in crisis?

Fewer microchips available meant an intelligent distribution of loaves and fish that multiplied profitability: I build only what has more margin. And I sell at the price I want, complete with skyrocketing Taeg if anything, the ECB's fault. What a miracle.

2023: Ann Wroe, Obituaries editor that is, director of the obituaries of the Economist > (the obituary is a journalistic genre with a high tradition in the Anglo-Saxon press, a big celebration in 2022 between Queen Elizabeth and Michail Gorbachev, Pelè and Pope Ratzinger), writes a sad truth in his newsletter : “Death is the great equalizer”. And then, in order not to make mistakes again, I'm throwing away my Alibaba sphere and closing its backdoor. Happy 2023, and whatever it will be.< /p>