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The writer Serhii Zhadan dedicated a poem to the medical battalion “Hospitaliers”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun18,2024

The writer Serhiy Zhadan dedicated a poem to the medical battalion

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Recently, the writer and performer Serhiy Zhadan joined the ranks of the 13th Brigade of the National Guard “Charter”. However, he does not stop being creative even in the army.

Recently Serhiy Zhadan amused his subscribers with a new incredible poem.

Serhiy Zhadan read his poem “They should call you sister …”, which the poet dedicated to the medical battalion “Hospitaliers”.

They should call you sister. The dead simply do not remember their parents and education. The truth about the world turned out to be too small to contain everything you want from the world… – says Zhadan.

On June 18, the Volunteer Medical Battalion of Hospitaliers celebrates its first anniversary.

Of course, our “old” educational base is functioning much more – since 2015, generations of Hospitaliers have been formed here. Someone is no longer with us, but the memory of each and every one is in our hearts. Forever. It's been a year since we repaired, restored, improved and simply made our old base operational for training – an “island” for teaching takmed courses and already a full-fledged second training center of the battalion, – says their page.

Serhiy Zhadan is a writer, translator and frontman of the bands “Zhadan and Dogs” and “Mannerheim Line” . Among his most famous books are the novels “Despatch Maud”, “Voroshilovgrad”, “Internat” and poetry collections “Citation”, “Ethiopia”, “Life of Mary”, “Templars”, “Skrypnikivka” and others.

He took an active part in the Kharkiv Euromaidan and advocated the release of director Oleg Sentsov from Russian imprisonment. Since the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war, the Armed Forces of Ukraine has been providing volunteer assistance. He founded a charitable foundation that supports educational and cultural initiatives.

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