The world's media continue to investigate the topic of fashion.

The world's media continue to investigate the topic of fashion.

The separation of the Colombian singer Shakira and the Barcelona footballer Gerard Piqué is one of the topics that the public consults the most and about which the world's media continue to investigate.

As it is difficult to reach them, because the most focused thing is to seek to speak with people close to the two protagonists and in this case the Colombian singer Carlos Vives was questioned on the matter.

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Vives confirmed that his compatriot is sad, after the public announcement of the separation and that he is not having a good time.

“Yes, definitely, yes I feel sad and she is sad. It's a very difficult time when you have such a beautiful family”, Vives told the Europa Press agency in Madrid.

And he added: “I know he was sad, I sent him a little kiss and he told me that: 'I'm sad'”.

On the key point of the separation, Vives indicated that he had no knowledge of the subject and referred in good terms to the defender of the Spanish team.

“No. Nerd. The one I met no. Of course, a very polite person, very decent. Always very special with me, as we love Shaki very much, he was always very upfront with me, because of that affection,” Vives said in Spain.

The media in the world continue to investigate the topic of fashion.

They also inquired about the nickname they had for Shakira the other members of the Barcelona squad of 'la patrona'.

“It can't be, don't tell me that shit. Women have to be the bosses, women are the ones who have to govern us if we want things to go well,” she declared.

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