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The world's largest logistics company has started using robots

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun30,2024

The largest in the world logistics company starts using robots

One of the world's largest logistics companies, GXO, has started using Apptronik Apollo robots in its warehouses to save resources and keep human employees safe. Apollo uses replaceable batteries, so it lasts longer than other humanoid robots. It is capable of lifting loads weighing up to 25 kilograms and is 1.73 meters tall. Thanks to linear actuators simulating the work of human muscles, Apollo has a full range of motion. In addition, he knows how to control the effort so as not to harm people.

An important feature of the robot is its unique effort management architecture and flexible safety zone, which enables it to work directly with people without creating dangerous situations. Adrian Stock, Chief Automation Officer at GXO, said: “We are delighted to be working with Apptronik to develop their humanoid robot with artificial intelligence. Apollo is able to significantly improve processes in distribution centers, including the most labor-intensive operations.

The partnership with Apptronik to create a humanoid robot is the second for GXO, a leader in warehouse automation and a pioneer in artificial intelligence-based automation. In 2023, GXO increased total warehouse automation units by approximately 50% year-over-year and tested a wide range of new hardware and software solutions, including artificial intelligence robots and autonomous vehicles.

Founder and CEO Apptronik's Jeff Cardenas said: “Our goal – to create versatile robots capable of performing tasks in real-world conditions, from transporting boxes to scanning barcodes. We are committed to helping GXO streamline logistics operations and create a safer and more engaging workplace for employees with Apollo”.

Apollo – it is the result of many years of work, including on NASA's Valkyrie project. Apptronik plans to have their robot working in warehouses and manufacturing facilities in the near future, and eventually find applications in construction, oil and gas, electronics manufacturing, retail, home delivery and elderly care.

Natasha Kumar

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