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The world's first hydrogen yacht was launched: its length is over 100 m

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May20,2024

The world's first hydrogen yacht was launched: its length is more than 100 m

The Feadship company launched the world's first hydrogen yacht – Project 821. It is also the largest yacht ever built in the Netherlands.

The length of Project 821 is 119 m, and the width – 19 m. The main feature of the yacht – the possibility of working on hydrogen, the lightest chemical element. It is known that 1 cubic meter of liquid hydrogen weighs 70 kg, while 1 cubic meter of diesel fuel weighs about 800 kg.

The problem with hydrogen is that it can only be stored under very high pressure and at extreme low temperatures. To do this, engineers installed a large tank under the deck of the yacht, which holds 92 cubic meters. (about 4 tons) of hydrogen at a temperature of -253 °C. Hydrogen storage requires 8-10 times more space than diesel fuel.

The world's first hydrogen yacht was launched: its length is over 100 m

The Project 821 yacht cannot operate permanently on water. However, engineers have foreseen the possibility of switching to “green” regime when entering and leaving harbors or when passing through ecologically clean zones. The maximum speed of the yacht on the water is 18 km/h. When parked, she can quietly use hydrogen to power lighting, heating and air conditioning systems.

The yacht has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, two dressing rooms, two offices (each with a fireplace and a living room), a gym , library, dining room, pantry and elevator. In addition, there is a full walking deck and a jacuzzi in the bow.

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