The world chess champion has broken his silence on the controversy surrounding Hans Niemann.

The world chess champion has broken his silence on the controversy surrounding Hans Niemann.

Eighteen days after world chess champion Magnus Carlsen unleashed a storm of suspicion by indirectly accusing American Hans Nieman of cheating, the Norwegian grandmaster agreed to break his silence.

Anal Bend Balls Scandal: Magnus Carlsen Quits in Two Moves 'Anal Beads': Strange Way Chess Legend Would Have Been Beaten

Carlsen, who again caused controversy by abandoning a new game against Niemann this Monday in two moves, referred to the subject in an interview with Kaja Snare, who asked him for the details of that unexpected move.

Everything, under the shadow of the scandal of the supposed anal Chinese balls with which Niemann is accused of cheating.

“In general, it's pretty easy to cheat in chess,” Carlsen asserted.

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The shadow of the Chinese anal balls

The world chess champion has broken his silence on the controversy surrounding Hans Niemann.

The world chess champion, Magnus Carlsen, abandoned this Mondayin two moves his game of the Julius Baer Generation Cup tournament against the American Hans Niemann, the same rival against whom, two weeks ago, he lost in the Sinquefield Cup in San Luis (USA) in a game at a classical rhythm that led the Norwegian to withdraw from the tournament insinuating that the North Americanhad cheated.

The reunion of both players in this seventh tournament of the Champions Tour, which is played online, had aroused great expectation among the fans, after the enormous controversy that broke out with the abandonment of Carlsen in San Luis, in face-to-face competition at a classical rhythm.

The Norwegian did not give clear explanations after his withdrawal from the Sinquefield Cup, but everyone understood that he was obeying his suspicions when he saw that his rival was playing at full speed against a rare variation of the nimzo-Indian that he had prepared expressly for that game. .

Niemann, number 49 in the world chess ranking, had defeated
Carlsen with black and ended the streak of games without losing that the world champion had extended to 53.

br>The American alleged that, by chance, he had reviewed that line a few hours before the game. “By some kind of miracleI checked that line today. I don't know why, it's kind of ridiculous but it was like that. I don't understand why I looked at it, it's ridiculous,” he said.

That was the first time they had met in classical chess and the two players shared first place in the tournament tied on 1.5 points after getting a win and a draw. That victory also allowed Niemann to overcome the 2,700-point barrier in the world ranking for the first time. “It must be embarrassing for the world champion to lose against an idiot like me,” the American commented then.

The craziest of the rumors has to do with the fact that Niemann inserted a microchip in his anus, something that caused the attention of the owner of Tesla, the billionaire Elon Musk, who adapted a quote attributed to the philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer in a tweet.

“Talent reaches a goal that no one else can reach. Genius reaches a goal that no one can see (because it is in your c…)”, the tycoon wrote.

In this regard, the Spanish portal 'La Razón' explains: “The mechanics of the cheat would be simple: an accomplice who was watching the match live (as it was actually being broadcast), could simulate the real game on a computer and see the movements Later, through the vibrations, it could “warn” the supposed cheater what the suggested movements would be. The anal beads would easily pass any security control.

On this controversy, Carlsen broke his silence.

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'It is quite easy to cheat in chess'

“I'm fine, living my life and trying to play well in the tournament. People who knows me and who followed me, for example, at the Zagreb tournament in 2019, knows that I can keep things quiet”, was the first thing Carlsen said when questioned about his silence in the midst of so much controversy.

At the insistence, the Norwegian stated: “I hope to be able to say something more after the tournament” .

In the midst of roundabout games with Niemann, a question about cheating in chess elicited an accurate answer: “I think it's pretty easy to cheat in chess. In general, I think in We shouldn't take cheaters lightly in the future, either online or on the board.”

“What would you say to young people who might be tempted to cheat?” they ask the champion.

I understand that it's tempting, but I wouldn't recommend it“, Carlsen concludes.

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