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"The woman I love": Pavlo Zibrov translated the cult song into Ukrainian< /p> Pavlo Zibrov/YouTube

Performer Pavlo Zibrov presented the Ukrainian-language version of one of his most famous songs “The Beloved Woman”. Now the composition is called “The Woman I Love”.

For two years, the artist was looking for the version of the translation that would most accurately convey the meaning of the song. Listen to the updated track on YouTube.

This song is special for Pavel Zibrov, because it is dedicated to the artist's wife and was written to mark the birth of his daughter Diana.

One Mykola Shchur, the author of the original text, called me back the other day. He says, Pavlo, I see you are looking for someone who could translate the song “Beloved Woman” for you, why search, I already have an option. And it was a hit in the top ten. As the author of the original text, no one can feel this song, so I was incredibly happy that the song got a second life in the author's Ukrainian translation by Mykola Shchur. Now it is called “The Woman I Love”, Zibrov noted.

Mykola Shchur translated the song into Ukrainian. And although Zibrov was offered a large number of texts, the performer still settled on the version from the author of the hit. The video was directed by the artist's daughter Diana.

Pavlo Zibrov is a Soviet and Ukrainian pop singer, composer. People's Artist of Ukraine. The song “Beloved Woman” was first performed in 1997.

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