The woman assures that she has already filed a criminal complaint. 'The gender doesn't matter here,' she says.

The woman assures that she has already filed a criminal complaint. 'The gender doesn't matter here,' she says.

A soccer player brutally beat a female referee in a game of the Tres Arroyos regional league, in the province of Buenos Aires (Argentina), between the Garmense and Deportivo Independencia teams. The incident occurred when the referee marked an infraction, sanctioned two players, and a third footballer, 34 years old, savagely attacked her.

The person in charge, who plays for the Garmense club, was identified as Cristian Tirone and was arrested after the attack on Dalma Magalí Cortadi, 30 years old. The game with Club Deportivo Independencia was suspended after the incidents.

(In context: Brutal assault on a referee who ended up in the hospital, video).

Outrageous aggression

The sequence was recorded on video. According to the recording, Cortadi charges an infraction and the Garmense player hits the ball hard, throwing it far, for which he is expelled. Immediately afterwards, one of Garmense's goalkeepers rebukes the referee and is also expelled at the time. That's when Tirone, who comes running wildly, surprises her from behind and hits her from behind, at the nape of the neck, in a crazy action.The victim fell to the ground and his face hit the grass squarely. A few seconds later, he managed to get up on his own.

'Let him pay for what he did'

The woman assures that she has already filed a criminal complaint. 'Gender does not matter here,' she says.

On Sunday night, the assaulted judge, already back at her home in the city of Tres Arroyos (about 500 kilometers southwest of Buenos Aires), he referred to the unfortunate episode. “I ended up under observation in a hospital for a blow to the head, scrapes and bruises on my arms. They did CT scans to verify the different injuries. Later I made the corresponding complaint. This situation harms me at work, since it makes me unable to work. Now I must be strong. The blows left me sore”, Dalma Cortadi told the 'Olé' newspaper.

“The match was calm, until then nothing had happened. Nor does it justify that this man has reacted like this. They were leading 2-1 and I had only charged a foul for the other team. We are in a difficult moment. We will discuss with the family the steps to follow. The important thing now is that justice be done. Don't let things like this happen anymore. The gender doesn't matter here. We're going to work. Many of us live from this and we like it, we do it by vocation. We want justice to be done and for this man to pay for what he did. That's what's important. I was able to file a criminal complaint, because this is going to go beyond an assault in football”, Cortadi sentenced.

And he went further when it came to talking specifically about the aggressor. “You have to kick him out forever. He should never be in any club. He is a violent person. He must also be in his daily life. I saw it on the video: a normal person does not do what this man did. No person deserves this. We don't go to the pitches to get hit.”

Regarding what happened after the coup, Cortadi clarified: “I didn't speak to anyone from the Garmense club. The president of the club appeared before one of my teammates, one of the line judges. The truth is that I was very dizzy, vomiting, and I had no contact with anyone from the club. They took me to the hospital”.

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