The Witcher: the choice of Henry Cavill's replacement is no coincidence, the proof

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While Henry Cavill s resignation from The Witcher continues to spark a lot of ink, we learn today today the name of his successor does not come out of nowhere. Quite the contrary!

The Witcher: choosing a replacement for Henry Cavill is no coincidence, the proof

Liam Hemsworth, an all-appointed candidate; ?

While the petition for Henry Cavill's return to The Witcherreached this astronomical number of signatures, can we really say that Liam Hemsworth will be such a bad replacement? We learned this fall on Hitek, who plays Superman in the DCEU and Sherlock in Enola Holmes will give way to Chris's little brother. And as we will explain it to you in this article,the choice of this successor is not a coincidence!

Aged Thirty-two-year-old Liam Hemsworth is best known for playing; in the Hunger Games franchise, the Netflix rom-com Isn't It Romantic and the sequel to Independence Day. Less famous than his brother Chris, who plays Thor in the MCU, he could see his career take off by donning the costume of Geralt of Riv in The Witcher. Even if it will be complicated for him to make viewers forget the performance of Henry Cavill, the Australian actor has the full confidence of the studios… And for good reason, according to the Witcher Redanian Intelligence fan site >,he had auditioned; for the role in 2018!

Clearly, during the castings for the Netflix series four years earlier, Liam Hemsworth was< strong>one of the first and most serious candidates for the role of Geralt de Riv. screen less imposing than its predecessor, it would be fair to give it a chance in The Witcher. And by then, we have already season 3 of the series, which is scheduled for release in the summer; 2023, with Henry Cavill as the witcher…