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The Witcher season 4: Netflix reportedly planning a special episode

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul6,2024

Season 4 ofThe Witcher, the release date of which we do not yet know, will not go unnoticed. Expected by the fans, she will have to be particularly convincing at the end of the day. their eyesin order to make people “forget” the departure of Henry Cavill, the interpreter of the title role until then. present… And the special episode that Netflix is, according to our colleagues, currently concocting, could well contribute to regain public favor.

The Witcher season 4: Netflix is ​​planning a special episode

a spin-off transformed into in a special episode?

Season 4 of The Witcher, the first without Henry Cavill, risks not being unanimously accepted. with television viewers. While Liam Hemsworth, his replacement, revealed himself in May in a first teaser more dissuasive than anything else for fans of the series, the entire future of this universe is called into question… And in particular the spin-offs. At the end of 2022, the platform broadcast a first spin-off series entitled The Witcher: Blood Origin set 1200 years before the events of the parent series and explaining the origins of the witchers. A critical and public failure, which did not discourage Netflix for all that: in February 2023, we told you on Hitek that the site was planning a brand new spin-off centered on Netflix. on The Rats. Characters that you saw in the end of season 3 of The Witcher, since it concerns the gang of criminal teenagers that Ciri crosses paths with.

The Witcher season 4: Netflix is ​​planning a special episode

Never officially confirmed by Netflix,this spin-off of their series could ultimately turn out to be just a special, standalone episodeof season 4 of The Witcher. According to the Redanian Intelligence site, the project would be called for. rightly titledThe Rats: A Witcher Tale, and it would have been film at the beginning of last year. The platform, aware that the public's reception could be lukewarm, would have chosen to incorporate the spin-off into the future. the parent series, to take less risk.

And you, what do you think of this about-face from Netflix?

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