The winner of the “Slavianski Bazaar” Elina Ivashchenko – about the competition, strong character and personal life

The winner of the “Slavianski Bazaar” Elina Ivashchenko – about the competition, strong character and personal life

Elina loves MONATIK and dreams of getting to the Maldives

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18-year-old Ukrainian singer, winner of the projects “Voice. Children-3”, “X-factor-10”, as well as the triumphant of the festival “Slavianski Bazaar” Elina Ivaschenko in an exclusive interview with Segodnya. Lifestyle spoke about her participation in competitions, her character, experienced in school bullying, personal life and more.

Elina, congratulations on the first prize at the Slavianski Bazaar! Please tell us how the competition was held? What was the atmosphere at the festival, especially during such a difficult period?

Thank you so much! The atmosphere was cool and positive throughout our stay in the competition! All the delegations of the participating countries first came to Minsk, where we had the first rehearsals, and also had free time to walk around the capital of Belarus. A couple of days later, we arrived in Vitebsk to prepare for competitive performances directly on the main stage of the festival. At the same time, the drawing of lots and the performances themselves took place. You already know about the results (smiles).

Who did you manage to meet at the Slavianski Bazaar?

Completely with all representatives of 14 countries who came to the “Slavianski Bazaar” this year. And it could not be otherwise: we spent a lot of time together – runs, some events, behind the scenes … Most of all I made friends with representatives of Lithuania and Kazakhstan. So after the festival, not only a new experience appeared, but also the circle of people who were close in spirit expanded.

The winner of the

Elina Ivaschenko at the “Slavianski Bazaar”

What is the most important thing to learn from participation in such events? Surely, at each competition you find something new for yourself.

Again, this is a wonderful experience. What is just communication with representatives of other countries. The guys and I shared our skills: musical, artistic, some kind of professional secrets. It was incredibly interesting. It was also very exciting to perform on the stage of the international competition, representing Ukraine. After all, here I defended the honor of the country.

What does an artist need to know when preparing to take part in a major music competition for the first time?

When I first came to the “Voice” project, I wanted to go out, sing, conquer everyone and win. Then I didn't even want to hear the phrase “the main thing is not victory, but participation” (laughs). There was no such rule for me. I then set myself up: “If you go to the competition, your goal is to win.” I always set the bar higher for myself. And there is only one advice: if you participate in some kind of competition, determine for yourself for what purpose you are going to it, and what you want to get in the end.

The winner of the

Elina Ivaschenko at the “Slavianski Bazaar”

Have you ever had to deal with stage fright while performing in front of a huge audience?

I've been doing vocals and performing on stage since I was five. Of course, any performance is accompanied by excitement. How to deal with it – there is no recipe. In my experience, literally after 30 seconds, the excitement goes far away, and I start to enjoy what I do on stage.

You have taken part in various competitions and festivals many times. And they took first place on them many times. You are obviously a leader by nature?

Victories are just the result of my work. It has always been important for me to show myself worthily. And if someone follows my example and works the same hard to achieve their goal, I will be doubly pleased. Perhaps this is leadership.

Can you call yourself a confident person?

I think yes. But it is important to be not self-confident, but self-confident.

The winner of the

Elina Ivaschenko

In an interview, you admitted that you experienced bullying by your peers at school. Did this help build your character?

Naturally. It was a difficult stage in my life. I survived it, learned my lessons and began to understand how human psychology works, became morally and spiritually stronger. I understand that one word can be done so that you can never again be insulted or humiliated.

Do you hang out with any of your former classmates? Did they write to you after you became famous?

I don't communicate with most of them – everyone has their own concerns, their own lives. But with one of the former classmates now in warm friendly relations. By the way, earlier we were at enmity. But after a while, when she apologized for the “bullying”, we found a common language.

In addition to participating in “Voice. Children” and other projects, what psychologically helped you cope with difficulties and forget all grievances?

Family and close people. I remember that after winning the “Voice”, many began to write something like the following: “You're cool, let's be friends.” But I cut off such people. I have always chosen people who, first of all, see in me not the winner of a television project, but a simple girl Elina, with whom you can have a good time with a cup of coffee and talk on various topics. In my close circle there are still those people who value me for personal qualities, and not for merit. It was these people who helped to cope with difficulties. And, of course, music lessons, where without it.

The winner of the

Elina Ivaschenko

During that period, did you have close friends who could show support?

I will not lie, there were no close friends at that time. But, fortunately, after a period of bullying and bullying, my childhood friend was found – we were friends with her even before school. At some point, our paths diverged, we studied in different schools. And from the seventh grade, when we got older, our roads crossed again. Since then, our friendship has been revived.

Are there now those with whom you can share your experiences and secrets?

Sure. I confess, I have few friends, and mostly boys. There is only one friend, I have already told about her. It so happened that it was always easier for me to find a common language with the boys – they do not gossip, they will never substitute, they are very sweet, touching, like a girl. They will not turn away at a difficult moment. And a friend will always be ready to intercede for a friend.

We know that you are currently in a relationship. How does your beloved support you?

Yes it's true. He is also a very creative person. He is always there, my real support – I was lucky with this. I'm happy that he doesn't let me stop.

The winner of the

Elina Ivaschenko with her boyfriend

At what age would you like to start a family? Or haven't you thought about such a serious topic yet?

It doesn't depend on me (smiles). And I don't want to seriously think about it yet. Everything has its time. Family is a very important and responsible step.

Probably, every artist sets some goals for himself, sets the standards higher. For example, Nastya Kamenskikh wants to get a Grammy. Do you have similar goals?

It is important for me to speak the same language with my listener. If this happens, I will become an artist.

Is there someone from domestic and foreign performers who inspires you, and from whom you want to take an example?

I adore Dmitry Monatik and am inspired by him. I always took an example from him. He is the embodiment of kindness, sincerity, musicality, artistry, you can go on and on. He is a person who has absorbed all the positive human qualities.

The winner of the

Elina Ivaschenko

As a member of the younger generation of musicians, how do you see the future of the music industry? What will change, what will remain the same? After all, new “quarantine” realities dictate new rules.

I hope the quarantine will end soon and we will all resume our active work. How do you see the future of the music industry? Here, in Ukraine, everything is cool with music. Every day new artists with cool musical material make themselves known. You can be calm about the future of Ukrainian music.

What are your creative plans for the near future?

At the end of July we will present a new track “Friends”. We are also working with producer Vadim Lisitsa on new musical material. Probably, now participation in competitions should be paused and all the time devoted to the development of a solo career. I know people expect new author's tracks from me. So work, work and more work.

Blitz poll with Elina Ivaschenko

What famous song do you associate yourself with?

With your own song Get up.

What are the three most recent songs you listened to recently?

SAINt JHN – Roses, Jamala & DahaBraha – “Lured”, MONATIK – “Strongly”

Favorite Ukrainian group or performer.


The winner of the

Elina Ivaschenko

Continue the phrase: “I will never sing … a song that I do not feel.

And one more: “Most of all I hate … lies in my eyes.

What is the most unexpected fact about yourself?

Absent-mindedness is about me. If something doesn't fall out of my hands, then something is wrong with me (smiles).

Music is … the easiest way to get closer to each other. Without wasting words and speeches. One song can change your life in a completely different direction.

Favorite place in Kiev.


Three countries you want to visit.

Maldives, Albania, Netherlands.

Let us remind you that Elina Ivaschenko received the first prize at the “Slavianski Bazaar” in Vitebsk.

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