Voice of the Country 3 project winner Anna Khodorovska presented the first single in 9 years

Voice of the Country 3 project winner Anna Khodorovska presented her first single in 9 years

Anna Khodorovska. Photo: press service

The winner of the project “Voice of the Country 3” and vocalist of the show “Dancing with the Stars” Anna Khodorovska presents her solo project M A N I E ‘ and the debut single “Don't break us” in co-authorship with musician Oleksandr Ognivets (Bibu)

“Don't break us” – about hope, light, warmth and energy in a dark time that can unite a nation. When a thief of the 21st century wants to grab your land, Ukrainians know only one way out – fight and win!

I started writing this song in the first days after I left Ukraine with my mother. She is about us – Ukrainians: in one day, we packed our whole life into one suitcase and went nowhere. Once in Europe, I sang endlessly at charity concerts, and in different countries I met our eyes and hearts in halls, we sang Ukrainian songs in unison, we cried. I have never before felt such unity with people, such love and pride for our beautiful country and indomitable Ukrainians. I wanted so much to support with a song, to give hope,” says Anna Khodorovska.

From the words M A N I E ‘ single “Don't break us” – these are words of faith and support dedicated to every Ukrainian who is now at home and abroad. Each of us has our own new story, which began with the beginning of a full-scale invasion, but despite the pain and anger, we can all put all our rage into a united Ukrainian fist and continue to give a worthy rebuff to the enemy. 

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Inhumans can try to take anything from us – they won't break us while we're together, and we'll hold on to each other until the end,” comments M A N I E ‘.

Along with the single “Do not break us”, the singer M A N I E ‘ presents Mood video shot by Ukrainian director Anastasia Kovalchuk. The video work “Don't break us” symbolizes our last 9 months – an endless road with a suitcase in which the whole life has fit!

Anna Khodorovska/M A N I E ‘ – Ukrainian singer from Odesa, who at the age of 19 became the winner of “Voice of the Country” on 1+1. Subsequently, she played the main female role in the musical “Dracula. The Story of Love”, which ran sold-out for 5 years and participated in the national Eurovision selection. Anna was a soloist of the Lord of the Sound orchestra, collaborated with Pianoboy, Oleksandr Ponomaryov, Oleg Skrypka, Ivan Navi. For the past two years, Anya could be found every Friday on the stage of the Caribbean Club, starring in the sold-out show “Royal”. Fans of “Dancing with the Stars” could hear the voice of M A N I E ‘ in the last season of the show, in which she was the vocalist of the band.

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