The wife of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, Olena, met with King Charles III of Great Britain at the Catholic Cathedral in London. She reported this on the Internet.

Vladimir Zelensky's wife met Charles III at the Catholic Cathedral in London< /p>
Image Source: Elena Zelenskaya's webpage
Elena Zelenskaya posted on social media that meeting Charles III was a great honor for her. According to the President's wife, the King of Great Britain recently visited Ukrainian refugees in Scotland, and before that supported them in Romania. Elena Zelenskaya, at a personal meeting, on behalf of her compatriots, expressed her gratitude to Charles III for the help that Great Britain provided to Kyiv. According to her, London will not leave Ukraine in trouble. During a visit to the kingdom, the wife of Vladimir Zelensky felt the support of local residents literally at every turn.

The chosen one of the head of state showed followers on social networks pictures taken in the cathedral in London. On one of them, Elena Zelenskaya shakes hands with Charles III, who looks at her and smiles. In the photo, a Catholic priest stands next to the wife of the leader of Ukraine and the king of Great Britain.



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