The wife of Luis Fernando Camacho denounced that the Bolivian government recorded the privacy of her visits to the opposition leader

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Fátima Jordán accused the government of Luis Arce of having placed “hidden cameras” in the place where her husband was “unfairly kidnapped”

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Luis Fernando Camacho's wife denounced that the Bolivian government recorded the privacy of her visits to the opposition leader

Luis Fernando Camacho (AP Photo/Juan Karita/File)

Bolivian Fátima Jordán, wife of the governor of the Santa Cruz region and opposition leader, Luis Fernando Camacho, expressed his indignation this Monday at the discovery of a hidden camera in the cell where Camacho is being held and pointed to the Government of Luis Arce for this “abuse“.

In a statement to the media in Santa Cruz together with national and regional legislators from Creemos, Camacho's party, Jordán accused the Arce government of having placed “hidden cameras to record” the place where they have “ unfairly kidnapped” her husband.

“I am the person who accompanies my husband in his cell and, with those hidden cameras, the Government has recorded my privacy as a woman and our privacy as a couple. In addition, those cameras have recorded the children's visits to their father. There are no words to describe how I feel in the face of this tremendous abuse,” he said.

Jordán maintained that Camacho and his entire family feel “a lot of helplessness ” and assured that “what they are doing with us has not been seen to be done even in the worst dictatorships”.

He also announced that he will do “everything legally possible so that the authorities who spied on” the privacy of his family and his own “assume their responsibility”.

Last week, the Camacho's defense lawyers denounced and showed the media a small camera that, they assured, was hidden in one of the walls of the opponent's cell where they had to install a bathroom and where he received visits from Jordán.

Luis Fernando Camacho's wife denounced that the Bolivian government recorded the privacy of her visits to the opposition leader

The cell in the one in which Camacho is being held (Government Ministry)

The national authorities denied that there were hidden cameras in Camacho's cell and, instead, they accused him of setting up a “tramoya” and of having caused “destruction ” in prison.

The Penitentiary Regime Directorate considers that the camera entered and left the prison where Camacho is being held “irregularly”, for which reason it announced an investigation and a report on the visits that the politician received.

Camacho's defense tried unsuccessfully to file a complaint for sexual harassment and violence with the Special Force to Combat Violence (Felcv) for this case, but it was not received, which led to angry protests by lawyers against police officers.

The director of the Felcv, Rubén Lobatón, announced that he will sue the governor's lawyers for “discrimination” for that incident and justified that the complaint they wanted to present was not received because they had to first go to the Prosecutor's Office to that instance define the type of crime to be investigated.

Camacho was arrested at the end of December and a precautionary judge ordered his preventive imprisonment for four months in the Chonchocoro maximum security prison, in the Altiplano de La Paz, accused in the “coup d'état I” case for the 2019 crisis.

The ruling party points out that in 2019 there was a “coup d'état” against then-president Evo Morales (2006-2019), while the opposition maintains that the protests that led to his resignation were due to fraud in his favor in the annulled elections of that year.

(With information from EFE)

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