The white shores of Greenland have revealed an immaculate fish that shines

The white shores of Greenland have revealed an immaculate fish that shines

Greenland's shores of the river showed an unbelievable fish to shine

Photo: John Sparks and David GruberRib that glows

Survivors have created a rib-fish that glows with bright green and red colors near the krizhan middle.

Vecheni, who drilled in the icebergs of the coast of Greenland, revealed a line of rib-rawfish that glows like antifreeze flows through the veins like greenery. This species of arctic fish is the most common antifreeze among the average species. Let's talk about Live Science. It is significant that antifreeze helps to regulate the temperature of a car engine in extreme minds, people who have seen living things have evolved, so that their mothers are such a defender, especially you, like living in a cold middle, such as the polar waters were on the shores of Greenland.


According to experts, antifreeze proteins were first detected in some Antarctic fish as early as 50 years ago. Antifreezes in the blood of rib-raw fish do not allow blood to crystallize. Tim himself shows how much stench is important for survival of fish in extreme minds.

“Antifreeze proteins are vitally important for rows of ribs. The stench vibrates like other proteins, and then the antifreeze goes into the bloodstream. It is also important to note that these ribs are biofluorescent, so that they glow with green and red colors near the water. Particularly worthy of young persons & # 8221;, & # 8211; said David Gruber of the American Museum of Natural History.

Thus, scientists have identified two different families of genes that encode antifreeze proteins. temperatures in the middle of the earth, the proteo is insufferable, so that the fish can survive for the temperature increase in the ocean due to global warming.